Hillary Clinton Named ‘Worst Ethics Violator of 2015’

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has a new honorific title: “Worst Ethics Violator of 2015.”

The Foundation for Accountability and Government Trust (FACT), a Washington-based think tank, released a year-end list of Worst Ethics Violators for this ill-begotten calendar year. Clinton ran away with the contest.

Breitbart News extensively reported on the issues that led to Clinton’s victory in the contest, from her special favor for her son-in-law’s buddy at Goldman Sachs, to her potentially illegal coordination with the Ready For Hillary Super PAC. FACT even filed a complaint with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics regarding Clinton’s State Department favor for her son-in-law and his pal.

FACT’s list of ethical violators was strictly nonpartisan, with Democrat Alan Grayson showing up on the list alongside Republican Mark Meadows for their own ethical quandaries.

“Elected officials are sent to Washington to follow and uphold the law and so they need to be held to the highest standard of ethics,” FACT executive director Matthew G. Whitaker said in a statement.

Even the appearance of impropriety can quickly erode public trust, and Mrs. Clinton is in a league of her own. We will continue to vigorously hold the lantern over unethical behavior so that we have a government that serves the public’s interest, not the self-interests of leaders who think they are beyond reproach.


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