Mark Ruffalo Shares Petition Urging DNC to Hold More Debates


Actor and leftwing environmental activist Mark Ruffalo is supporting a petition to force the Democratic National Committee to hold more debates.

The petition, which was written by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, reads:

Saturday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate was striking. It was all about substance and logic — in sharp contrast to Republican debates that have been all name-calling and posturing.

It was the kind of debate that could have really gotten voters excited about the Democratic Party. But because of when it was scheduled, almost nobody saw it.

And the bad scheduling looks like it is just going to keep getting worse. The next Democratic debate will be Sunday, January 17 — on a three-day holiday weekend, scheduled at the same time as a major NFL playoff game.

Tell Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC to schedule additional debates.

In February, Ruffalo co-signed an open letter along with nearly 100 other Hollywood stars urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to challenge Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

The DNC has been accused of engaging in favoritism to the benefit of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton by purposely holding debates on nights when viewership will be low.

Additionally, the party only scheduled six debates for all of the 2016 primary.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party wrapped up its sixth of 11 planned primary debates on Dec. 15.


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