Democrat Turmoil: Bernie Sanders Adviser Claims DNC Planted a Rogue Staffer to Steal Clinton Data

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

An anonymous adviser to Bernie Sanders has alleged that the recent data breach of Clinton voter data was a false-flag attack staged by the DNC.

Controversy erupted last week after it emerged that the National Data Director for the Sanders campaign, Josh Uretsky, accessed compromised voter data belonging to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. NGP VAN, the company that works closely with the DNC to manage voter data for  both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns suffered a software bug related to Clinton’s data, which was taken advantage of by Uretsky. He was promptly fired by the Sanders campaign once his alleged transgression had been revealed.

Now, in explosive claims, an unnamed Sanders adviser has alleged to Yahoo News that Uretsky was recommended to the Sanders campaign by the DNC themselves.

According to the adviser, Uretsky was personally recommended to them by the DNC’s National Data Director, as well as a former COO of NGP VAN.

“I mean here we are being attacked for the behavior of an individual, which we ultimately fired” the unnamed Sanders adviser told Yahoo News. “[I]t’s just amazing to me that this… individual that actually caused this trouble in our campaign was recommended by these guys.”

“It’s not as if we conjured this guy Josh from thin air.”

The adviser identified Andrew Brown, the DNC National Data Director who works closely with NGP VAN’s voter data program, and Bryan Whitaker, the former COO of NGP VAN, as key individuals who recommended Uretsky to the Sanders campaign.

“I don’t know how you can more centrally connect this thing than those two [the DNC and NGP VAN] entities,” the adviser said. “Here we are being attacked by both of those entities when, in fact, they recommended this guy to the campaign.”

The adviser was also scathing about how the DNC reacted after the data breach occurred. After it was revealed that a Sander staffer had accessed Clinton voter data, the DNC cut off the Sanders campaign’s access to a shared database, until legal threats from Sanders’ camp forced them to back down. The Clinton campaign was also allowed to see an audit of the data breach and send it to the media, while Sanders’ team were kept out of the loop.

In his discussion with Yahoo News, the adviser pointed to this as further evidence that the DNC, NGP VAN, and the Clinton campaign were in cahoots.

“This is one of the things that we were whipsawed in over the course of the, you know, 48 hours,” the adviser said. “NGP VAN was leaking information, clearly provided documents to the DNC and the Clinton campaign — or the DNC was providing those documents to the Clinton campaign. Documents that we didn’t have.”

It’s unsurprising that the Sanders campaign is so suspicious. Clinton has long been the consummate political insider, with deeper connections with the Democratic establishment than perhaps any other politician. Sanders, by contrast, is an outsider, mistrusted by the DNC establishment in much the same way that Donald Trump and Ben Carson are mistrusted by the RNC. Little wonder that Sanders’ advisers suspect dirty tricks.

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