Mark Krikorian: Increased Deportations Are Designed to Help Hillary

Mark Krikorian Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies said that the plans to increase deportations in 2016 is a political move to benefit Hillary Clinton on the Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” on Wednesday.

Krikorian said, “This is speculation…but what I think happened is that the administration saw what was happening in south Texas, and what you’re seeing is a huge new increase in Central Americans coming over, carrying kids with them so they’re able to stay. Because the Obama administration lets you stay if you have your kid with you. It’s more than double what it was last year. And remember, in summer 2014, this border surge was a big deal, it helped kill the Senate amnesty bill that was in the House, it didn’t pass the House, partly because of this. So, they saw this and they said, ‘Oh, my god, Hillary’s going to be nominated in Philadelphia in July at the convention. If this border surge is still a big story in the news, that’s going to be bad. So, let’s see if we can maybe do something to tap it down, start enforcing the rules.'”

“And my sense is that the reason this came out, and this was the front page story in The Washington Post on Christmas Eve, is that it was leaked by other people in homeland security,” he continued. “Some of the open borders zealots that Obama has appointed, who really don’t care whether it helps Hillary or not, they don’t believe people should be deported, that anybody should be deported from the United States. So they leaked it in order to gin up opposition among Obama supporters. The ironic thing is that what they’re talking about is just a drop in the bucket anyway. They’re talking about maybe few hundred people. There’s 200 people of these illegal immigrant families from Central America, 200 a day coming over. It’s not going to matter.”

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