Abortion Industry Had a Bad 2015

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Abortion professionals are counting their losses in the year just concluded. And they are sounding the alarm for the new year.

Writing at Salon, Erin Matson and Pamela Merritt, founders of something called “Reproaction” say, “2015 was a discouraging year for the abortion rights movement.” The writers consider it a violation of reproductive justice that an Indiana woman went to jail after home-aborting, though prosecutors say the baby was born alive and placed in a dumpster.

Matron and Merritt complain that “restrictive antiabortion laws were passed in a number of state legislatures” and that the “government almost shut down over funding Planned Parenthood.” And they blame the recent Colorado shootings on the “violent rhetoric employed by and tolerated within the pro-life movement.”

They look toward the new year with growing concern. They are chiefly concerned about an upcoming Supreme Court case that will decide the constitutionality of Texas laws that regulate abortion clinics and that critics say has resulted in the shuttering of many abortion clinics that chose to close than comply.

The writers call pro-lifers hypocrites for caring about the 1.2 million aborted children each year rather than the children killed by guns each year. They cite a dubious study from 2014 that says 3,000 children die each year from “gun violence”, though the study defines “children” as those under 20, which allows the study to count gang-bangers are children. Even if true, 3,000 gun deaths a year, is less than the number of abortions performed every day in the United States.

The article is the first in what without a doubt will be an avalanche of articles about what pro-life advocates have achieved in the last 12 months.

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