Advocates: Gay Open ‘Marriages’ Should Redefine Marriage Norms

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Another advocate for gay marriage has come out of the legal closet, declaring in public that most gays actually want to utterly change the ideal of marriage so that 70s-style “open” relationships become the new normal, whether or not their preferences undermine the social expectations that help bind millions of married parents to their young children.

Author Nico Lang, in the pages of Daily Beast, says 2016 is the year that “gay open marriages need to come out of the closet,” because they’re already the norm in gay relationships:

Over the past decade and a half, studies from San Francisco State University and Alliant International University have found that around half of gay relationships are open. This rate is considerably higher than for heterosexual and lesbian couples, but it’s difficult to say by how much exactly, due to the widespread lack of substantive research on the subject… I’d say that the Alliant and SFU figures are a tad low, at least for gays. I can’t speak for lesbian couples, but few queer men I know—including myself—are in relationships that are exclusively, 100-percent monogamous. Some couples occasionally invite a third into the bedroom for a night of play, while others independently arrange their own casual hookups. Some men might even have long-term partners outside their primary relationship…

“On a macro level, we have the opportunity as ‘the new normal’ to redefine what a healthy gay relationship is,” Travis argued. “Also, we’re learning to navigate our sexuality in a digital age where everything is so accessible, and we are just talking about it instead of cheating on the side.”

One homosexual, who advertises himself and his “husband” on homosexual sex sites told Lang, “I think we don’t have heteronormative templates that we have to subscribe to. There just not that same kind of pressure to be monogamous when you’re gay.”

Lang thinks the percent is more like 82 percent of homosexual relationships includes cheating on the other, though they would not call it cheating since its approved, since its part and parcel of the homosexual world. Land says, “It’s not dirty and it’s hardly a secret, at least if you know where to look.”

Married homosexuals are a “constant presence on apps like Grundr and Scruff” where homosexuals meet others for quick and anonymous sex, Lang says.

But all of this had to remain secret in the decades-long campaign to convince Americans that homosexuals are “just like everyone else” so that marriage could be redefined by Supreme Court.

That deceptive campaigned worked. On June 26th 2015, the court declared that the goal of equality require states to let gays get marriage licenses. They imposed their views, regardless of most gays’ actual view towards of marriage, or the impact of redefining marriage around love rather than child-rearing, and regardless of what ordinary Americans , including children, prefer for the traditional ideal of marriage — cooperative, faithful and long-term — that has done so much to help young parents raise successful children.

Adultery is one of the few remaining sexual practices that is not only universally frowned upon, at least by married men and women, but support for it has actually dropped in recent years from 7 percent approval to 6 percent, according to Gallup survey from 2001 and 2013. Pew found much the same results in 2006.

Gay activists know the public disgust towards adultery and “open marriages” threaten their efforts to win higher social status by mimicking normal social ideals, such as military service or monogamy in marriage and child-rearing. In 2013, Steve Thrasher, a gay writer for the Guardian newspaper, wrote at Gawker that “Gay-rights groups are often nervous about sociologists or reporters looking too closely at what really happens in the bedrooms of gay relationships, out of fear that anti-gay activists will bludgeon them with a charge of sexual promiscuity, as a reason to deny them equal rights.”

At Slate three years ago, Hanna Rosin called adultery the “dirty little secret” among gays.

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