Rape-Denier Andrea Mitchell Shames Bernie Sanders For Criticizing Bill Clinton

Andrea Mitchell

For $600 million obvious reasons, NBC News chose longtime Hillary Clinton supporter Andrea Mitchell to co-moderate Sunday night’s Democrat debate. As anyone familiar with Mitchell’s extreme, left-wing feminism would expect, rather than side with the dozen or so women who claim to be victims of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, Mitchell attempted to shame the surging Bernie Sanders from describing Bill Clinton’s deplorable behavior as deplorable:

MITCHELL: Senator Sanders, let me ask you a question. You called Bill Clinton’s past transgressions, quote, “totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable.” Senator, do you regret saying that?

SANDERS: I was asked a question. You know, one of the things, Andrea, and I — that question annoys me. I cannot walk down the street — Secretary Clinton knows this — without being told how much I have to attack secretary Clinton, want to get me on the front pages of the paper, I’d make some vicious attack. I have avoided doing that. Trying to run an issue-oriented campaign.

SANDERS: I was asked a question.

MITCHELL: You didn’t have to answer it that way, though. Why did you?

SANDERS: Well — then if I don’t answer it, then there’s another front page.  And I mean this seriously. You know that. We’ve been through this. Yes, his behavior was deplorable. Have I ever once said a word about that issue? No, I have not. I’m going to debate Secretary Clinton, Governor O’Malley, on the issues facing the American people, not Bill Clinton’s personal behavior.

Mitchell’s rape-denying tactics here are painfully obvious. Although numerous women have accused Bill Clinton of everything from rape to groping to harassment to character assassination, although a number of these women accuse Hillary of attempting to silence them in order to protect their abuser, Mitchell is not only denying these real and alleged victims exist by refusing to ask Hillary about her role in these sordid affairs, to protect her girl Hillary, Mitchell is laying down a marker that says you are not even allowed to criticize the disgusting behavior Bill Clinton has admitted to.

Mitchell’s history of protecting Hillary is out in the open.

According to numerous reports, Mitchell recently interviewed Juanita Broaddrick, a woman who claims Bill Clinton raped her in 1978. Even though a new generation of voters has not heard her story, with the claim there was “nothing new,” Mitchell refused to air the interview.

My guess is that NBC News and Mitchell were doing oppo-research for Hillary.


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