Bernie Sanders Stomps Hillary Clinton In NH: 60% to 33%

<> on January 17, 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina.
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In the state of new Hampshire, according to a CNN/WMUR poll, Bernie Sanders has jumped to an astonishing +27 point lead over Hillary Clinton. The “inevitable” Hillary earns just 33% support, compared to Bernie’s 60%.

Last month, in this same poll, Bernie led by just +10 points, 50% to 40%.

Fifty-two percent of those polled said their minds are made up. That’s an increase from 36% last month. The primary is just three weeks away.

On the economy, New Hampshire voters now clearly give Sanders the edge over Clinton as the candidate more trusted to handle it: 57% say Sanders would best handle it vs. 33% for Clinton.

That’s a massive shift since last summer, just as Sanders’ campaign began to gain traction. In that poll, 37% said they preferred Clinton on the economy, 28% Sanders, and 22% were unsure which candidate would best handle that issue. In the new poll, Clinton maintains a broad lead over Sanders as the more trusted candidate when it comes to ISIS, 55% Clinton to 26% Sanders, about the same as in early December.

There is also a huge gap in how Democrat voters view the two candidates. Bernie’s favorability rating sits at an amazing 91% in New Hampshire. Only 2% view the socialist unfavorably. Meanwhile, Clinton’s favorability is just 65%.

Clinton’s honesty rating also took a hit with Democrat primary voters.  A full 55% see her as the least honest in the field, up from 46% in December.


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