Eric Trump: ‘Proud of My Father’ for Skipping Debate; Fox News, GOP Estab ‘Salivating’ to Take Trump Out

Donald Trump
Sean Rayford/Getty Images

On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily (6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125) , Donald Trump’s son said he is “proud” of his dad for standing up to Fox News and backing out of Thursday’s GOP presidential debate.

Eric Trump told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that his dad is a “fighter” who is “going to hit back ten times harder” when he gets punched.

“He’s also a guy who will give his shirt off his back for somebody,” Eric Trump said. “But don’t cross him.”

On Tuesday, Trump decided to hold an event for Wounded Warriors instead of participating in Fox News’s Thursday night debate after the network mocked and taunted him in what Donald Trump said was a “wise-guy press release.” Veteran political journalists noted on Tuesday evening that they had never seen a network issue such a press release to taunt a presidential candidate let alone the undisputed GOP frontrunner.

Eric Trump said he is “proud of my father for the stance that he’s taking” and pointed out that Fox News and the GOP establishment are “salivating” to take Trump out of the race. He blasted Fox News for turning politics into a “soap opera” with “silly little press statements” when the country is $19 trillion in debt, “not respected” around the world, has so many Wounded Warriors, and must deal with an education system in shambles.

Trump said that because of Fox News’s antics, many Americans have been given their “first look at politics” and “it shows that there’s a couple people up at the top that try to control politics.” He said ultimately the American people should decide who becomes president and “not some network that wants to influence which candidates should be the head of the GOP.”

He added that his father is winning every state “while getting hit by both sides” because Americans who are “sick of the nonsense,” the “rigged system,” “this game,” and “people pandering and being politically correct on everything” are “rallying behind him” as Trump turns politics on its face.

Trump said he thinks his father will win the nomination and the White House. But he said even if his dad loses, “he’s reinvented politics in this country” because “he’s gotten my generation excited about politics for the first time” and has kind of started a political “revolution.” Trump said his dad has shown other businessmen that “it doesn’t have to be the guy on Capitol Hill for the last for years who becomes Commander-in-Chief.” Bannon added that regardless of what happens, Trump has changed the conversation on issues like immigration and trade and, perhaps more importantly, shown that “you do not have to back down to the mainstream media.”

Trump said his dad’s success in real estate ensures he will get the border wall built.

“That man will get that wall up so quick people’s heads will spin,” Trump promised.

He said his father will also be the “greatest Commander-in-Chief that the country has ever had” and the “greatest defeater of ISIS.” Trump said America has the “greatest military in the world” and his dad “wants to deploy it appropriately when needed” instead of engaging in “foolish skirmishes.” He said his dad believes in staying “out of a lot of conflicts we don’t need to get in… but if we’re going to commit to something, let’s do it in the most aggressive way humanely possible and then get the hell out… That message will resonate with a lot of people.”

Trump said the country loses respect around the world when it spends trillions in the Middle East without winning and his father’s presidency “will restore the respect this country should have.”

As for Thursday’s Wounded Warriors event, Trump said his whole family will be there and emphasized that veterans have always been a top priority for his dad.

“We’ve got to take care of our vets. Illegal immigrants… receive better medical treatment than people who sacrifice their lives for the nation,” he said, adding that all eyes will be on the vets while the Fox News debate is taking place.

Eric Trump described his dad, who has said that poor and middle-income people like him better than rich people, as an “All-American guy” who “would rather sit down at an informal table and eat a cheeseburger.”

Saying he can “attest to the man’s character,” Trump said his father is the “greatest guy in the world” and “a great American” who is the “epitome of the American Dream to so many people” and “wants to give back.” Trump said that “six months ago, the two of us were building hotels around the world and having a really great time” and his dad, unlike many of the candidates who are running for president, “doesn’t need this job, but he wants to help America” because the country “has provided him so many opportunities.”

Eric Trump pointed out that other candidates “need this job” because “if they don’t win this race, for all intents and purposes, they don’t have a job” since they are “career politicians” while his dad is someone who, because he comes from outside of the political system and is beholden to nobody, will cut “through the nonsense and get things done.”

“I love him to death,” Eric Trump said. “He’s the greatest.”