CNN’s ‘New Day’: Hillary Email Scandal ‘Real,’ Hurts Her More in General Election

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” panelists Chris Cuomo, Alisyn Camerota and David Gregory all agreed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation into her handling of classified email on a private server during her tenure as the Obama administration’s secretary of state will be a big deal in a general election.

Host Chris Cuomo said, “The email stuff is real, not because she is about to go to jail. It is true that she hasn’t been named a target of the investigation. But that is because the DOJ does that. It’s still with the FBI. This is distinction without the difference. For voters on the Democrat side they don’t see the email issue the way the GOP does. So it may not matter now but the idea that it doesn’t matter at all going forward is putting it too strongly.”

Alisyn Camerota agreed saying,  “Even The New York Times, in their endorsement said we believe she’s the best candidate but the email questions are legitimate.”

David Gregory added,  “Yes. And look, it goes to what people don’t trust or believe about Hillary Clinton. That is a big issue and her team knows it. She knows it. I don’t think it hurts her with Democrats, I think in the general election it hurts her more.”

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