Poll: Marco Rubio More Electable Than Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

Dennis Van Tine/AP Photo/Paul Sancya
Dennis Van Tine/AP Photo/Paul Sancya

With the 2016 GOP presidential nomination tightening into a three-way race between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, there is good news for the first-term Senator from Florida, especially during a year when Republicans are desperate to retake the White House: of the three, a Quinnipiac poll released Friday shows that Rubio is the most likely to win a general election match-up between either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Trump loses to Clinton 41% to 46%.

Cruz ties Clinton at 45%.

Rubio smashes Clinton 48% to 41%.

Trump loses to Sanders 39% to 49%.

Cruz loses to Sanders 46% to 42%.

Rubio ties things up with Sanders at 43%.


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