Rush Limbaugh Defends Marco Rubio: He’s Right About Obama


Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh defended Sen. Marco Rubio during his show today — saying the freshman senator was correct in what he said about Obama during the ABC News debate on Saturday.

Limbaugh explained why Rubio’s explanation about Obama was correct.

Now, folks, you go out and talk to actual Republican primary voters. You go out, outside of Washington, outside New York, go out to where these primaries and caucuses are being held, and you will find that this is exactly what has propelled Republicans to the polls in droves in 2010 and 2014. It’s not the belief, it’s not the theory, it is the knowledge that Obama’s doing this on purpose, and there isn’t and hasn’t been any push-back. And Republican voters are livid. Obama has said he’s doing it on purpose. He has said his purpose is to transform the nation. Everybody knows that Obama is an Alinskyite.

Limbaugh criticized the governors in the race — Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and John Kasich — for suggesting Obama was too incompetent and inexperienced to run for president.

“None of these Republican moderates will go there,” Limbaugh said. “They do not dare say that Obama’s doing it on purpose because they have all worked with Barack Obama, in one way or another, every one of these governors, many of them, and even a lot of Republicans in the House and Senate have worked with Obama to advance certain elements of the agenda.’

He pointed out that Ted Cruz and Rubio were “the only two in the entire Republican field” who were willing to attack Obama’s agenda. Governors, he argued, were used to working with Democrats.

Limbaugh’s comments were immediately clipped into a video and shared online by Rubio’s campaign, as Rubio repeated his talking points on Obama on Sunday and again on Monday.

Rubio has argued that he welcomes any opportunity to repeat his message, even if it is scripted.

“The core of this campaign is that statement, and I am going to keep saying it: Barack Obama is deliberately carrying out a strategy to change America, he wants to redefine this country,” Rubio said during an interview this morning on CBS.


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