Carson: Demand Agency Heads Cut Budgets By 2-3% or Resign, And Do So In a Way People Won’t Feel It

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stated that as president he “wouldn’t sign anything that borrows from the future” and would tell agency and subagency heads to cut their budgets by 2-3% or resign and do these cuts “in a way that the people won’t feel it” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Carson said, [relevant remarks begin around 4:10] “Well, the first thing I would do, talking to a joint session of Congress is tell them, I’m not signing anything that borrows from the future. we have to stop doing that. We cannot continue to compromise their future. So, we’re going to get to a balanced budget very quickly. And I think take about three years to do that. If the only thing you do is not increase the federal spending, just that one simple thing. We’re going to do a lot more than that, because the government is very big and very bloated. So, the next thing i’m going to do is start reducing that 4.1 million federal employees, and I’ll do it by attrition. Tens of thousands retire each year. There’s absolutely no reason to replace them. We can shift people where they need to be. I will call in the directors of all those agencies, 645 federal agencies and subagencies and say ‘Cut your budget by 2% to 3%, or resign, whichever is easier for you. We’ll get a replacement for you. And do it in a way that the people won’t feel it.'”

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