Writer Stephen King: Cruz ‘Very Scary’ Because He Is ‘A Fundamentalist Christian’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, center, smiles during a news conference with conservative Congressional Republicans who persuaded the House leadership to include defunding the Affordable Care Act as part of legislation to prevent a government shutdown, at the Capitol in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013. Sen. Cruz is flanked by Rep. …
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Author Stephen King said Monday that Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is, “very scary” because “Cruz is a fundamentalist Christian.”

In an interview with the Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern, King also took shots at Cruz’s appearance:

He’s very scary. I actually think Trump, in the end, would be more electable than Cruz because Cruz is a fundamentalist Christian and it would almost be like electing the analog of an Imam—someone whose first guiding principle would be the scripture rather than the Constitution. But I don’t think he could get elected. And, even if he was able to govern without blowing up the world, could we look at a guy who resembles a cable game show host for four years? He has that awful plastered-down hair and everything.


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