Hillary Emails: Palestinians Should Emulate Terrorism Pioneer Arafat’s ‘Peace of the Brave’

Yasser Arafat
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TEL AVIV – Correspondence contained in the latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails released by the State Department on Friday and reviewed by Breitbart Jerusalem may provide a window into the Obama administration’s thinking when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The email recommends that the Palestinians return to the “peace of the brave” rhetoric utilized by PLO Leader Yasser Arafat.  The staunch militant, who helped pioneer terrorism as a political tactic, was famous for referencing the “peace of the brave” to foreign audiences while supporting the destruction of Israel in Arabic and allowing his various militias to carry out terrorist attacks against the Jewish state.

The September 23, 2012 email was sent to Clinton from her then-Deputy Chief of Staff Jake Sullivan, who currently serves as the top foreign policy advisor to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

The dispatch provides a summary of a 14-point Israeli-Palestinian peace plan devised by a “Dennis,” presumably a misspelling of Denis McDonough, President Obama’s then-Deputy National Security Advisor. McDonough is currently White House Chief of Staff.

“Dennis” could also be a reference to Dennis Ross, who was not functioning in any official governmental capacity during the time the email was sent.  He was a Special Advisor for the Persian Gulf and Southwest Asia to Clinton’s State Department until 2011, and he continued to informally advise her on issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ross was Bill Clinton’s envoy to Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The detailed plan called for Israel and the PA to each implement six parallel steps and institute two more steps together, as follows:


  1. Israel should offer voluntary compensation to settlers to leave the West Bank. (NB not unilateral, part of orchestrated interaction)
  2. Build housing now within Israel to show you don’t intend permanent occupation.
  3. Only build future settlement housing within the blocs – not beyond them.
  4. Open Area C to economic activity for Pals. Just 120k pals live there, but – alongside Jewish settlements – all the rock quarries are there, and Pals have no access.
  5. Increase Palestinian police presence in Area B, and increase their areas of responsibility.
  6. Work out security criteria to limit incursions into Area A.


  1. Put Israel on their maps
  2. Acknowledge historic Jewish connection to the land and to Jerusalem.
  3. Stop incitement / de-legitimization. (No more hiding behind local officials on this).
  4. Condition your public for peace. (ie returning to Arafat’s “peace of the brave” rhetoric).
  5. Start building permanent housing in camps for refugees.
  6. Make major investments in rule of law/anti-corruption efforts.


13, 14. Youth on both sides should have an exchange of classrooms. Create a forum for kids to be together. “Dialogue of the deaf” right now.

Arafat’s “peace of the brave” motto, aimed at Western audiences, was also a theme of his 1994 acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The terrorist leader never abandoned his support for attacks against Israel nor the PLO’s call for a “phased plan” leading to the replacement of Israel with a Palestinian state.

At Camp David in 2000, Arafat turned down a generous Israeli offer of a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and eastern Jerusalem with no counteroffer. Instead, he returned to the West Bank to launch the Second Intifada, a terrorist war targeting Israelis.

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