American Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Urge Nation: ‘Reject Rubio’


American victims of illegal alien crime are urging Republican voters across the nation: “Reject Rubio.”

The families who have had  loved ones murdered, raped, maimed, and tortured to death by illegal criminal aliens warn that Rubio is “the single most egregious congressional promoter of open borders.”

The letter details how Rubio promulgated “daily lies” to the American people about his border-opening 2013 immigration bill — a bill which would have granted amnesty to illegal alien sex offenders, gang members, and criminal convicts — but which Sen. Rubio described as “The Toughest Border Security & Enforcement Measures In U.S. History”.

To this day, Rubio continues to support all of the major substantive policies outlined within that bill, including expanding immigration levels and granting citizenship — and, thereby, welfare access and voting privileges — to illegal aliens.

“We do not want other families to die at the hands of illegal aliens,” the American victims of the nation’s open borders immigration policies write, “We want to end the massacre of innocents in exchange for enriching open border self-interest cartels. We are pleading with the Republican voter: Reject Rubio. Send a message to every politician in Washington D.C.: if you betray American citizens, you will never occupy the Oval Office.”

Their letter can be read here.


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