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Bloomberg Poll: Trump +19 in South Carolina

A new Bloomberg poll of South Carolina shows Donald Trump maintaining a strong lead in the state heading into Saturday’s primary. Trump has the support of 36 percent of likely Republican voters, followed distantly by Ted Cruz in second with

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GOP Primary Poll: Trump Widens National Lead

A Quinnipiac poll released Friday shows that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump still holds a national lead over his GOP rivals. Trump earns 31% support, a +9 point lead over second place Ted Cruz (22%). Pulling into third is Marco Rubio


Rubio Unrepentant in Iowa: Gang of Eight ‘Best We Could Get’

With just one day left before the Iowa Caucus, donor-class favorite Marco Rubio remains unwilling to repudiate the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill, which conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly has described as “anti-American” and “dangerous.” In a Sunday morning interview,

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Poll: Trump Beats Hillary in General Election Match-Up

A new FoxNews poll shows GOP frontrunner Donald Trump edging Hillary Clinton in a general election match-up. A December poll from Fox showed Hillary ahead of Trump by 11 points. This latest poll, however, has Trump beating Clinton by 3 points, 47-44 percent.

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Trump Winning Blue-Collars, Lagging Among College Grads

Donald Trump is building a giant lead among the GOP’s huge group of white, working-class voters, but is lagging among the equally important bloc of college-educated men and women, according to a new analysis by National Journal.

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White House Still Won’t Admit Jihad Exists, 14 Years After 9/11

Like President George W. Bush, Obama skids and slides, ducks and dodges, rather than name and shame the United States’ enemy — Islam’s jihad doctrine which threatens Allah’s hellfire against Muslims who do not wage war to spread Islam by force.

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Trump Leads, Jeb Slips, Rubio Crashes In WSJ/NBC News Poll

The latest poll from The Wall Street Journal and NBC News is all good news for Donald Trump and all bad news for former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Since the last WSJ/NBC poll in June, despite a full-frontal media push to destroy him, billionaire businessman Trump has risen from just 1% to take the lead with 19%.