Wayne LaPierre at CPAC: Media Mocked Calls for Good Guys with Guns in Schools, But Parents Embraced It

Shannon HicksAP
Shannon Hicks/AP

During his March 3 speech at CPAC, NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre reminded audience members of how the media mocked his call for good guys with guns in schools following the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary, yet parents embraced the suggestion.

He pointed out that while the media was still jeerng, parents and state lawmakers around the country got together and began making changes to allow armed and trained good guys with guns to stand guard over their schools, prepared to shoot back in the event of an attack.

LaPierre pointed to the speech he gave on December 21, 2012–seven days after Sandy Hook–in which he lamented that America’s lack of armed protection at schools suggests we are not as concerned with protecting our schools as we are with protecting banks, airports, jewelry stores, sporting events, Hollywood gatherings. and other venues where armed security is regularly employed. In that speech, LaPierre suggested the heinous attack on Sandy Hook proved it is high to time to fix our priorities; to protect our children with good guys with guns in the same way we protect NFL athletes, diamond rings, etc. 

LaPierre told CPAC attendees, “The national news media savaged me [over these proposals]. Yet what parent wouldn’t feel safer dropping their kids off at a school with a police car out front?” 

He added:

The national media and the politicians, they set their hair on fire over it. Screaming and screeching, they called me just about every evil, nasty name in the book. But you know what happened? In state legislatures, in school districts all over this country the American people began implementing what I proposed, placing trained armed security in their schools. They didn’t wait for Congress or the President to act. They took matters into their own hands, to protect their own children. As a result, millions of children who go to school today are no longer the sitting ducks of the worst and most dangerous of all lies–gun free zones.

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