Marco Rubio Campaigns in Puerto Rico Prior to Sunday Primary

Carlos Giusti/El Vocero via AP

As Super Saturday’s Republican primary election results came in, showing Marco Rubio finishing in distant third and fourth places, the Florida Senator was busy campaigning in Puerto Rico for Sunday’s upcoming Republican Primary in the U.S. territory.

Rubio tried to express optimism from San Juan, Puerto Rico, discussing his poor results after Super Saturday’s Republican contests in Maine, Kansas, Louisiana, and Kentucky. He told reporters there:

These are important states. We were in Kansas yesterday. These states have a certain profile that other candidates do better in. We recognize that.

But it’s proportional. What you need to understand is all of these states are awarding these delegates by proportion. So tonight, we will have more delegates than we did last night. We continue to pick up delegates and we will continue to do so, and this map only gets better as we move forward in some of the other states.

However, the Florida Senator will receive zero delegates in the Super Saturday states of Louisiana and Maine, as he failed to meet the minimum percentage threshold in the contests.

“We’re soon gonna be in the winner-take-all process,” Rubio added from San Juan, “in larger states like Florida and other places like that, and that’s why we feel very confident as we move forward.”

Rubio expressed similar sentiments in Spanish, according to Politico, telling supporters at a rally: “We’re going to win Florida, and you’ll find out on March 15 how confident we are.”

While on the campaign trail in the Puerto Rico, Rubio gave a stump speech entirely in Spanish, according to reports.

The day appears to be Rubio’s to lose, as he attempts to recover from his crippling Super Saturday. There have been no polls taken in advance of the U.S. territory’s Republican primary day. However, prediction markets expect Rubio to come in first place there.

Polls are open in Puerto Rico on Sunday from 7AM to 1PM Eastern Time.


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