Arizona Mexican Restaurant Owner Threatened over Donald Trump Sign

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin
AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Betty Rivas of Tucson, Arizona, did not know for whom she would vote in Tuesday’s presidential primary at the time she attended both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump rallies. But a sign the Mexican restaurant owner was holding got her onstage with Trump and then served up a heap of threats.

Trump picked Betty Rivas and her “LATINOS SUPPORT D. TRUMP” sign out of the crowd and brought her onstage during a Saturday rally in Tucson. Rivas told KGUN9-TV that since the incident, she has received harassing phone calls at her and husband Jorge’s Mexican restaurant, vulgar comments on both her and the business’ Facebook pages, and received malicious restaurant reviews on Yelp for Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina.

Rivas has been shocked by the backlash from her Trump sign, according to the report.

However, Rivas said she received no such response from Trump supporters after taking a similar sign to the Tucson Bernie Sanders rally.

Mrs. Rivas told the local news outlet that she has the right to say what she thinks and can listen to Trump or Bernie or Hillary Clinton if she chooses.

KGUN9 took screenshots of some of the obscene Facebook comments before they were deleted, which may be viewed in the media player on KGUN9’s website.

One read, “This s*** will give you Ebola and also she support Trump. She basically  f****d her self over and her business by doing that.”

Another read, “F**k dis place don’t eat here…..f**k that fat pig bettys.”

One Facebook poster suggested assaulting Mrs. Rivas, stating, “I’m about to go to Sammy’s Mexican Grill buy a burrito or some b******t and throw it on the owner FACE!”

One commenter posted to the business’ Yelp page, “The owner raped me and said that i deserved it while feeding me a burrito, oh wait i was suppose to give 1 star.”

Bob D. posted, “You need proof of citizenship to buy a burrito:/ If you’re planning on eating here bring your passport, birth certificate and social security number.”

Over the course of Tuesday, the restaurant’s rating actually went up from all the reviews posted in support to counter the nasty ones.

Ray O. posted a supportive message: “Don’t believe the one star reviews on here.. They’re being targeted for political reasons.”

Ray P. was also supportive, writing:

I’m of Mexican Decent and do not believe in Leftist Latino Politics! I was raised in an American household with all the traditions of a Mexican family. I am going to drive down from Phoenix just to eat in this woman’s restaurant, because I believe we have the right and the choice to support whomever we like and should not ever be intimidated by thugs of leftist politics.

Tuesday afternoon, Yelp posted an “Active Cleanup Alert” message, which stated in part, “This business recently made waves in the news, which often means that people come to this page to post their reactions. The best place to share your thoughts is on Yelp Talk.”

Pima County law enforcement is looking into the threats against Rivas, according to the local news report.

The presidential preference election, which offered up 58 Republican and 75 Democratic Party delegates, took place Tuesday.

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