North Carolina Passes Anti-Trans Bill, Corporate Bullies Circling

AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File
AP Photo/Toby Talbot, File

North Carolina is the latest state to pass legislation making it illegal for men and boys who pose as females to use women’s shower rooms and restrooms throughout the state.

The bill, passed with unanimous support from Republicans and signed into law by the Governor, also makes it illegal for municipalities to pass so-called non-discrimination bills aimed at advancing the transsexual agenda.

The bill came in response to such a law passed recently in Charlotte. That effort was led by a homosexual man who was later revealed to be a sex offender required to register yearly. When Breitbart News broke the story nationally, Chad Sevearance stepped down from his lead role at the gay chamber of commerce.

The North Carolina bill passed Wednesday after a day of often emotional testimony. Chloe Jefferson, a junior at a Christian school told lawmakers, “Girls like me should never be made to shower and undress in front of boys.”

There is a great deal of confusion about transgenderism. Advocates argue that people are “assigned” a gender at birth, an “assignment” that may not comport with their eventual “gender identity” or “gender expression” which could include up more than 58 possibilities, according to Facebook, including something called “gender non-binary” where someone believes he is neither male or female.

According to a statement released this week by the American College of Pediatricians, the transgender ideology is actually a form of child abuse. The statement cites studies that show children who are gender confused need psychological help and that nearly all of them straighten out by their mid-twenties.

The College points out that giving a child hormone treatment to halt puberty is highly dangerous.

Dr. Paul McHugh, former head of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, who closed the transgender surgery center at the venerable institution, says transsexual surgery is dangerous, does not turn men into woman and that those who undergo such surgery end up as unhappy or more unhappy than before their castration.

Both McHugh and the College point to the vastly higher rate of suicides among those who have gone through castration surgery, even in such “trans-friendly” countries as Sweden.

Walt Heyer, a business executive who lived for eight years as a woman, after undergoing castration, now regrets what he did. He now lives as a man and runs a website called Sex Change Regret that is full of stories from men and women just like him who were taken in by the notion that they were born with the wrong sex.

Powerful forces are now circling around North Carolina and threatening to do harm to the State’s economy. Mark Benihoff, of the cloud computing company SalesForce that has a market capitalization of $48 billion is organizing other CEOs to hurt North Carolina. He has announced he is joining forces with Bank of America that is the country’s second largest bank and is headquartered in Charlotte. Benihoff is running a similar take-down in Georgia where a similar bill was passed over the veto of the governor.

The Disney Company and Marvel are threatening Georgia with not filming in the state because of the law. Similar to what they did in Arizona over a religious freedom bill, the NFL is also threatening Georgia with not getting the Super Bowl any time soon.


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