Stephen Miller Exposes Faux-Feminism of CNN Panel with Facts About Muslim Migration and Open Borders

Prisca Korein, a 62-year-old traditional surgeon, holds razor blades before carrying out female genital mutilation on teenage girls from the Sebei tribe in Bukwa district, about 357 kms (214 miles) northeast of Kampala, December 15, 2008. REUTERS/JAMES AKENA/FILES

Members of Sunday morning’s panel on CNN State of the Union are oblivious to the barbaric, anti-Western practice facing hundreds of thousands of U.S. girls as a result of unbridled Muslim migration.

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When the CNN panel sought to criticize Donald Trump for his so-called sexist retweet that has monopolized the news cycle for several days, Trump’s senior policy advisor Stephen Miller punched back, slamming Washington’s political class and corporate media for expressing “feigned indignation” about a retweet while ignoring serious issues facing U.S. women.

“The political class in Washington D.C. works itself up into a feigned indignation about things that don’t actually affect the lives of the American people,” said Stephen Miller. He went on:

I think it says a lot about the conscience of Washington D.C. how many hours we’ve spent discussing a retweet. And it would be nice if one-tenth the outrage that has been spent in feigned indignation over this retweet had instead been spent this summer when Kate Steinle was murdered in cold blood by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco. Congress did nothing when an American citizen was murdered and died in her father’s arms in cold blood.

Miller explained that the political class in Washington D.C. gets mad about the wrong things. Miller then proceeded to list issues that should actually be a source of righteous indignation: “We don’t get mad when Americans are murdered by illegal immigrants, we don’t get mad when people have their jobs taken by cheaper foreign workers here on visa programs, we don’t get mad when entire cities are crushed by our trade policies that send jobs overseas… So I think a big part of the Trump campaign is that people want to get mad about the right things.”

Miller continued:

It’s a choice that the political class makes in D.C. in terms of what they want to focus on… It is a trivial issue to be debating retweets when it is a fact that you have Americans dying every single day as a result of our immigration policies. You want to talk about women’s issues? Here’s something we should be talking about. This is a fact: as a result of uncontrolled migration into this country— you can look this up, this is a statistic from Equality Now — half a million U.S. girls in this country are at risk of female genital mutilation.

The fact that half a million U.S. girls are at-risk of female genital mutilation as a result of large-scale Muslim migration has been widely documented by publications ranging from NPR, to ABC, to Reuters, to Newsweek, to the Daily Beast, to the Huffington Post, to the Atlantic, to the New York Times

As the New York Times wrote in February of 2015, “Genital Cutting Cases Seen More as Immigration Rise.”

As Newsweek reported in February of 2015, immigration is “the sole factor for the rise in numbers”:

More than half a million women and girls in the U.S. are at risk of undergoing FGM in the U.S. or abroad, or have already undergone the procedure, including 166,173 under the age of 18, according to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB). Immigration to the U.S. from African and Middle Eastern countries—where the practice of FGM is a deeply entrenched cultural tradition—is the sole factor for the rise in numbers, says Mark Mather, a demographer at PRB who led the data analysis. There has not been an increase in the practice happening in the U.S. itself, he says…

African immigration to the U.S. has doubled every decade since 1970, with more than 1.8 million African-born people now living in the U.S., according to Census data. Immigrants from Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt, all countries that perform FGM(also known as female circumcision), accounted for 41 percent of total African immigrants. According to the latest numbers, nearly one in five girls at risk for FGM in the U.S. are from Egypt, which tops Somalia as the most at-risk country… Immigration to Western countries where FGM is not traditionally practiced means health care providers have had to adapt to the harmful medical consequences of FGM.

While this statistic has been widely reported, it is almost never mentioned on major television news programming on corporate media.

Indeed, not only was the CNN panel unaware of the fact that half a million U.S. girls are at-risk of suffering the barbaric practice of having their external genital organs removed, but one panelist— a self-described feminist— bizarrely sought to deny the veracity of the report and cover up the gruesome reality facing hundreds of thousands of U.S. girls.

“This is exactly what happens with Donald Trump,” said Neera Tanden, a self-described feminist and president of the Center for American Progress. “He says something outrageous.”

Miller pushed back: “You don’t think that statistic is correct?”

Tanden said that she did not believe the statistic was accurate: “No, I don’t think half a million girls.”

On her twitter page, Tanden describes herself as, “progressive, Indian American, feminist, mom, wife. Not in that order.”

While Tanden was quick to attack Miller’s demonstrably-true statement, it is unclear from the exchange how her decision to enable the violent practice against women — by casually dismissing its prevalence — comports with her values as a “progressive… feminist.”

The Atlantic has described how the procedure is carried out:

It usually involves the complete removal of the clitoris, and often the removal of some of the inner and outer labia. In its most extreme form–infibulation–almost all the external genitalia are cut away, the remaining flesh from the outer labia is sewn together, or infibulated, and the girl’s legs are bound from ankle to waist for several weeks while scar tissue closes up the vagina almost completely. A small hole, typically about the diameter of a pencil, is left for urination and menstruation. The cutting is usually done with a razor, a kitchen knife, or a pair of scissors. It is rare for any anesthesia to be used.

In 2012, Al Jazeera recounted the experience of one London woman:

Aissa describes how her sister was taken away by a woman to “wait for her turn” while Aissa’s stepmother instructed her to lay down on a bed. Aissa did as she was told, as four women stood over her pinning her to the bed as another woman began to cut her. No anaesthetic was used to remove Aissa’s clitoris with a razor blade. Aissa explains that it doesn’t matter how tightly you are held down, your body instinctively convulses, which results in deeper and longer incisions.

‘The pain is, well, it’s so difficult to describe to you what it is like. Imagine when you cut your finger, it’s a million times worse than that. But that doesn’t even begin to describe the type of pain that takes over when the part of your body that has the most nerve endings in it is cut away. Only girls who have been cut will ever know what that level of pain is like. I honestly thought I was going to die, and then everything went black.’

However, on Sunday’s panel, Tanden pushed back against Miller’s claim by suggesting that Donald Trump’s tone remains a more pressing women’s issue than the physical assaults and murders carried out by migrants against U.S. women:

The fact is that if we actually want to fight sexism in America I agree with Doug that the wrong way to go is Donald Trump, who judges women on their looks, who says terrible things about women in every way he could possibly do, and the reality is that the reason why he’s losing women in the general electorate, the reason why independent women, young conservative women say they will never support Donald Trump is because of what he does every day.

The CNN panel also included Nina Turner, a former state Senator in Ohio. On her Twitter page, Turner describes herself as a “wife, mother, sister” and “fighter for the people.” According to the Population Reference Bureau, over 24,000 girls in Ohio are at risk of Female Genital Mutilation. Despite the rise of the misogynistic practice in her home state — which has emerged solely as a result of unchecked Muslim migration — Turner did not express support for Trump’s proposal to temporarily pause Muslim migration during the panel. Nor did Turner praise Trump for his decision during a recent GOP debate to highlight the hostile attitude towards women promoted by Islam.

The CNN panel also included political class operative Doug Heye, the former deputy chief-of-staff for communications to failed House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Cantor was defeated in a crushing primary election due to his support for mass migration. During the CNN panel, Heye —whose former boss pushed immigration policies that would have resulted in greater violence against American women — made clear that what really offended him morally was the idea of supporting Donald Trump for President: “I’ll never be a Donald Trump supporter,” Heye said.

During the panel discussion, Miller further addressed the economic effects of immigration and highlighted how Trump’s position on immigration and trade differs from that of Sen. Ted Cruz:

In 2013, Sen. Cruz pushed an amendment to the Gang of Eight bill which would have actually doubled immigration including Muslim migration. And if you look at polling, by a ten-to-one margin, Americans—Democrats, Independent, Republican, black, white, Hispanics— by a ten-to-one margin agree that we should raise wages for people already living here instead of importing more foreign workers. So that’s a very mainstream issue. So if you look at really two issues that Cruz has been very aggressive on—pushing more foreign workers, and pushing offshoring and more so-called free trade deals—he is far outside the mainstream of the GOP and the American electorate. So we think we’re going to do very well in Wisconsin by focusing on trade and immigration issues that appeal to the broadest swath of the electorate.



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