Ted Cruz Wins Six More Delegates In Colorado Weekend Votes


Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz gained six delegates in Colorado on Saturday.

Cruz won three delegates at each of the caucuses in the first and sixth congressional districts this weekend in Colorado, for a total of six delegates.

Another 28 delegates will be picked this week by attendees at caucuses in each of the state’s districts, says The Denver Post. Three additional delegate slots are reserved for state party leaders.

The Cruz campaign has been operating a strong delegate strategy heading toward what could likely be a contentious contested convention in Cleveland. In California this week Cruz met with over 100 potential delegates from across the state that are pledging allegiance to vote for the Texas senator.

The 1st District selections were made from a pool of 90 delegate candidates, each making 30-second pitches to the caucus attendees.

Scott Gessler, one of the three chosen from the 1st District, told Fox 31 News that he doesn’t foresee a situation in which any of his district’s three would vote for Donald Trump. Each of the three made no indication that they would vote for any candidate other than someone already running with one delegates pledging that “100%.”

In the coming week, another 15 delegates will be chosen among congressional districts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 according to the local Denver news station.

Next Saturday, at the Colorado Republican Party convention another 13 delegates will be chosen to vote at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July.

Cruz is slated to attend the convention while Trump has not indicated whether he will attend. Kasich will not attend.

Colorado will send 37 delegates to Cleveland.

Cruz also made a stop at North Dakota’s state GOP convention in Fargo on Saturday. North Dakota Republicans don’t head to polls or caucuses in the state, rather, as in Colorado, the RNC delegates are selected at party conventions. The state sends 25 delegates to the RNC convention. CBS News reported that the 25 are chosen by 11 state Republican Party leaders.

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