Man Hangs Mexican Flag from Trump Tower in Vancouver

Man Hangs Mexican Flag from Trump Tower in Vancouver
Diego Saul Reyna/Facebook

A man in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, climbed to the top of the new Trump International Hotel and hung the Mexican flag to protest GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

The billionaire is running for president of the United States, not Canada.

WHY DID I PUT A MEXICAN FLAG ON THE ROOF TOP OF TRUMP TOWER VANCOUVER, ??????Because from the concrete pouring,…

Posted by Diego Saul Reyna on Saturday, April 2, 2016

“I was a bit hesitant,” Reyna told the Vancouver Sun. “But then I figured, ‘Oh well, I am willing to face the consequences if I can send a message.’ My intention was to show Donald Trump that (Mexican workers) work for him, but he also benefits from us.”

Reyna does not work at the site but did it because many of his friends worked on the hotel.

“They were feeling very hurt,” he continued:

The job atmosphere there is very Canadian, but they can’t help it when they walk in and there is a huge sign that says Trump and then they open their news feed and see all of the stories. I did this to counter attack all his statements about Mexicans and Muslims. The last straw was when he spoke against women. He cannot be insulting people he is benefitting from.

Someone has removed the flag from the premises.


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