‘Is It Workin’?’ Hillary Clinton Admits Pandering to African-Americans

Hillary Clinton AP Beyonce

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joked that she realized she was pandering to African-Americans during an interview with the New York radio show The Breakfast Club.

When asked what item she always carried with her, she replied, “Hot sauce.”

“You getting in Formation right now?” asked one of the amazed hosts, citing the lyrics of the Beyoncé song about keeping hot sauce in her bag. He suggested African-Americans would likely see her comment as “pandering to black people.”

“O.K. … Is it workin’?” she replied, laughing.

Clinton proceeded to spend the entire interview pandering to the African-American hosts and the audience.

Here is a list:

  1. Gushed over Beyoncé:

“It was so amazing … I sat there and I was just like amazed … unbelievable, what an incredible performer … I can’t believe, just a natural phenomenon,” she said, praising the singer as having the “most amazing stamina, endurance, [and] coordination.”

  1. Apologized for mispronouncing Beyoncé’s name:

“I was really tired that day.”

  1. Apologized for using the term “super-predator”:

“It was a poor choice of words.”

  1. Praised former Mayor David Dinkins, the only African American mayor of New York City.

She reminded the hosts that she launched her campaign during an event that he hosted on criminal justice reform.

  1. Promised that she would invite the three hosts to the White House, if elected president

She added that even though one host had a criminal record, it would not be a problem.

  1. Agreed there was still systemic racism in police departments and the criminal justice system:

“There is systemic racism that has to be called out and addressed,” she said. “Look. White people have to recognize that there is systemic racism.”

  1. Praised Steve Harvey’s suits:

“I think Steve looks pretty sharp,” she said, after one of the hosts mocked Steve Harvey’s baggy suits.

  1. Talked about her winning a game of dominos in Harlem:

“I did win. But you know I didn’t rub it in,” she said.

  1. Referred to President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on at least eight different occasions:

“I went to Michelle Obama’s birthday party…and Beyoncé performed.” she said.

  1. Told the story about how President Obama begged her to accept a position as Secretary of State:

“I said to Bill, ‘Can you believe it, the president-elect has asked me to be Secretary of State twice?'” she recalled.

  1. Appeared open to pardoning African-American rappers Max B. and Bobby Shmurda:

“I’ll put that on my list,” she replied, when one of the hosts told her that it would help her “really get the hood.”

  1. Reminded them she used to work for Marian Wright Edelman and the Children’s Defense Fund to combat racism:

“She was the first African-American woman to pass the Mississippi bar, a friend of Dr. King’s,” she said.

13: Admitted she was a bad dancer:

“I’m always in trouble when I try to dance in public … I have no coordination,” she said.

  1. Impressed the hosts with her handshake: 

“Let the record show, when she walked in, I gave her a handshake, she did it the right way, she brought it in, cuffed it and everything,” one of the hosts said.


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