Obama Might As Well Have Declared: ‘Britain Lost the War Of Independence Because You Have Small D**ks’


President Obama’s visit to the United Kingdom was nothing more than a trolling exercise, straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.

The tactics went like this:

The Provocation

Barack Obama came to Britain and, in the guise of lofty, statesman-like disinterested amity made a statement so outrageously provocative that he might just as well have said: “My historians tell me the reason you guys lost the War of Independence is because your penises were incredibly small.”

No really – his presumption in telling us which way to vote in the European Union debate was that arrogant and rude. The only people in Britain who welcomed Obama’s intervention were the ones already on board with the European Union project. For anyone else, it was a calculated insult from a meddling hypocrite interloper.

The Inevitable Reaction

That’s why, naturally enough, those on the opposing side of the argument – the ones advocating exit from the European Union – responded in kind. If Obama was going to behave like a bumptious prick, well, he deserved to be treated like a bumptious prick.

Hence the perfectly proportionate response by Boris Johnson (Mayor of London; leading light of the Brexit faction) making gentle reference to the President’s Kenyan, anti-British heritage, to Obama’s pointed return of the Winston Churchill bust, and to the meddling, anti-democratic, and thoroughly un-American nature of his suggestion that Britain should remain shackled to the kind of socialist superstate that no American would personally tolerate.

The Manufacture of the Outrage

If you understand how the modern left – especially its Praetorian Guard, the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) – operates, what you’ll realise is this: that the sole tactical purpose of the President’s visit was to generate a kind of “beneficial crisis” which could then be exploited for political ends.

No one could have known beforehand what this beneficial crisis would look like. Essentially it had to be manufactured out of whatever material, however flimsy, that events managed to throw up.

What the SJW hive mind eventually decided on was this: Boris Johnson is a racist.

Probably the finest example of this humbug was to be found not in the Guardian but in the Spectator in this spluttering exercise in over-the-top sanctimoniousness by Nick Cohen.

Here’s a taste:

I’m not someone who throws accusations of racism around – it’s too serious a charge to devalue. But, come now, the fantasy that Obama is the heir of the Mau-Maus with no right to govern is a racist lie that appeals to deep, dark traditions in the US. From slavery, through the Civil War, the backlash against Reconstruction, and Jim Crow, the argument has been the same: blacks have no right to vote, and black politicians have no right to rule.

Yep, that’s it, Nick. Let me translate for you: “Anyone who wants to leave the European Union is the kind of racist bastard who, like Boris Johnson, wants to bring back slavery and hang all black people.”

The Hive Swarms

Vox Day describes this in more detail in his excellent book Social Justice Warriors Always Lie. It’s an essential part of the strategy of the modern left, as laid out decades ago by Saul Alinsky in his Rules for Radicals. Essentially you seek to destroy your most dangerous opponents by isolating them and swarming on them like an angry hive.

Pretty much everyone on the left joins in to condemn Johnson’s outrageous outrageousness. So does everyone else on the Remain campaign. So, amazingly, does one of Winston Churchill’s grandsons – the Conservative MP Nicholas Soames.

The purpose is to leave the victim isolated and confused. And ideally to extract from him some kind of humiliating apology (which of course will not be accepted).

Truth is the First Casualty

Which, in this case, is the fact that Boris Johnson was entirely correct in what he said about Obama and the Churchill bust; that his point was well made; that the scumbags trying to make political capital out of this manufactured scandal are more slippery than a bag of eels in KY jelly and lower than bubonic vermin.


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