Gay Writer Tells Breitbart, ‘Gays and Transgenders Need to Divorce’

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Joe Murray is a married gay man who wants a divorce from the transgender movement because he says the concerns of homosexuals are radically different from the priorities of the new transgender ideology.

“The LGBT lobby is lying to you if they say we have never considered separating,” Murray told Breitbart News. At this point, gays have pretty much won everything there is to win politically, and anyone remaining in the fight on the gay side is just “profiteering,” says Murray, a political professional and a frequent columnist.

Murray cited the transgender ideological push to make all single-sex bathrooms into mixed-sex bathrooms as an example of profiteering.

That fight show the growing divide between the interests of transgenders and of gays. In general, gays wish to remove legal restrictions and social stigma against people who partner with the same sex. In contrast, transgenders want to raise the social status of people who try to live like members of the opposite sex. 

“Is the plight of the trans person the same as the gay or lesbian person? Are gay and transgender folks one and the same, or is there a good cause to argue that ‘L’ & ‘G’ should drop the ‘T’ from their movement,” Murray asked in a February column in USA Today.

Unlike members of the trans community, who are working against their biology and trying to change who they are physically, gay or lesbian people are trying to be nobody but themselves. They are not seeking surgery or hormone treatments. They love the same gender; they don’t want to be a different gender … Huge difference.

The response to his column was mixed, Murray said. The majority reaction was hostile, especially from the “trans community.” Lesbians were largely silent, he said.

But Chad Griffin, head of the main gay-advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign, complained in a letter to the USA Today editor and invoked Matthew Shepherd, who became a valuable martyr for gay causes after he was killed in 1998. Gay activists claimed he was killed for being gay. However, much evidence suggests that Shepherd was killed in a dispute over drugs.

Murray says, “Griffin is invested in keeping the trans on board” the gay lobby for the purposes of fundraising. Murray said the issue is a “cash cow” for the $50 million-a-year pressure group.

Murray told Breitbart News that he thinks the real social problem in North Carolina and elsewhere is the emerging impact of the mixed-sex locker-rooms, not mixed-sex bathrooms. He says bathroom stalls are private but in locker-rooms and shower-rooms there is the inevitable exposure to genitalia. “It’s not ‘politically correct’ to voice that in public,” he says.

A recent poll shows public opinion moving rapidly to oppose mixed-sex bathrooms.

Jay Brown, HRC’s communications director, told Breitbart News, “The idea that transgender people and lesbian, gay and bisexual people are somehow separate and apart is patently untrue. The hate that killed Matthew Shepard killed at least 21 transgender people last year alone. The bullies at school aren’t just harassing the gay kids, they’re harassing the transgender kids. The lack of an explicit protections under federal law affects us all. We are one community, period. And the Human Rights Campaign will not be done working until equality reaches every single one of us.”

Murray says the “great noble cause” of homosexual rights has been won and that it has now “descended into racketeering.”  He compared it to the eventual degradation of the black civil rights movement. It started out with people like Martin Luther King and ended up with Al Sharpton.

Roughly 1 in 2,400 adults have changed their names from one sex to another, according to a review of the 2010 census.


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