HillaryClinton.com Email from Sandy Hook Family Member: Keep Teachers Disarmed

Sandy Hook bus Dawn Hochstrum ADREES LATIFREUTERS

A May 21 HillaryClinton.com email from a Sandy Hook Family member urges supporters to rally against Donald Trump and his desire to allow teachers to arm themselves for self-defense.

The email was written by Erica Smegielski, the daughter of Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung.

An unarmed Hochsprung was killed after heroically running toward the sound of Adam Lanza’s gunfire. Trump believes the disadvantage of teachers being unarmed should be done away with. On January 8 The Washington Post quoted Trump saying, “I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools.”

But Smegielski opposes the idea of allowing teachers to be armed for self-defense. And in the email sent by HillaryClinton.com, Smegielski criticized Trump for thinking that armed teachers are “the best way to prevent school shootings.”

She added:

My mom wasn’t a soldier on the front lines of a war. She was an educator doing her best to help kids grow up happy, healthy, and safe.

Our laws failed my mom in Newtown — they failed her kids, too. But I know Hillary won’t fail us when it comes to making this country safer. I’m so proud to be on her team, and I’m glad you are, too, Michelle. I know that together, we can win this election — we have to. Families like mine are counting on you.

Will you add your name today to show Donald Trump and everyone at the NRA convention that we’re not afraid of them, and we’re going to fight as hard as it takes to win this election and take action to prevent gun violence?

Again, an unarmed Dawn Hochsprung was shot and killed while charging a gunman who did not care that Sandy Hook was a gun-free zone.

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