Rep. Louie Gohmert Will Vote for Donald Trump


Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert will vote for Donald Trump after strongly supporting Sen. Ted Cruz for President of the United States.

On Friday’s edition of Varney & Company on the Fox Business Channel, Gohmert said that Trump could be a great president when it comes to foreign policy.

Host Stuart Varney asked Gohmert if he would openly support Trump. Gohmert replied, “I guess we need to define what support is. … Support means that I am willing to go on the stump. I am willing to go across the country and speak for you, stand up for you, defend you.”

“That’s a whole lot different than going into the voting booth and voting for the better of the two choices,” he added.

“Some elections we’ve had the lesser of two evils. I will always set aside everything personal and vote for the better candidate, and in this case, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, it is Donald Trump.”

The Texas representative went on to say that some of the best U.S. presidents as it relates to foreign affairs and “keeping the world safe” have been those who “have been projected as being a little bit crazy.”

“You couldn’t figure on what they’ll do. They might actually push the button [on nuclear weapons], you couldn’t trust them. [Former President Ronald] Reagan, you know, you look back at Roosevelt, I’m talking [former President] Teddy Roosevelt.”

He then referred to “those who were projected as being cool and calm,” saying, “You know, they wouldn’t do anything overreacting. [Former President John F.] Kennedy, it took him three years to show that he could stand up and have a backbone, and the world got to the brink of nuclear disaster because of it.”

“Actually, Stuart, that’s one of the things in Trump’s favor on foreign matters–is the world is not sure about him,” said Gohmert.

Gohmert appeared on Varney’s program two weeks ago asking for an apology from Trump for comments made about Sen. Ted Cruz. While campaigning, Trump labeled Cruz “Lyin’ Ted.” Gohmert said he would come on board with Trump if he apologized for “accusing the most honorable guy in the race of all kinds of dishonesty.”

As Gohmert pointed out in the more recent interview, he fought in the trenches of Congress with Cruz. Gohmert strongly endorsed and stumped for Cruz during the Texas senator’s campaign for president.

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