Joe the Plumber Backing Trump All the Way: ‘Stop the Holier-Than-Thou Nonsense’

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People talk about a tipping point in time where liberty, freedom, and the system based on our Constitution which allowed America to become the most productive, powerful, and benevolent country in world history could all go away.

I don’t know if we’ve passed it, but I know this: I support Donald Trump to try and restore us first to sanity, then back to greatness. If you don’t believe the Constitution and our very way of life hang in the balance in this election, then you’d better start paying attention.

I’ve been supporting and promoting Donald Trump for President for a long time — whether it’s on the road, or on — where we say; “It’s not about right and left. It’s about right and wrong.” Never has this rang so true for us.

First, let’s get this whole Bernie Sanders thing out of the way: He is not going to be the nominee, he was never going to be the nominee, and even if a house falls on Hillary Clinton (there is precedent), the DNC will find someone to nominate whose name is not Bernie Sanders. And please, stop yourself when it comes to Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren, okay? Pretty sure Joe doesn’t really know where the White House is and Ms. Warren is wrapped up in that FBI investigation for having a private smoke-signal system installed in her house… but I digress.

Also: I don’t want to discuss brokered conventions, Mitt Romney, or any of this Libertarian, third-party nonsense. It’s Trump vs. Hillary, okay? End of story.

Donald Trump has done something which I’ve been waiting to happen for a long time: He’s won the Republican nomination for president virtually without spending a dime and saying whatever he wants without regard for approval whatsoever from Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Academia, or the politically correct press. When you read how Trump can’t beat Hillary, keep in mind you’re hearing it from the same people who scoffed down their smug noses that he could not possibly win the GOP nomination, either.

They piously labeled his campaign a reality show, a shameless plug for the Trump brand, or a joke. Then these same mystics assured you he would never win a thing after Iowa because he couldn’t prevail with his “style.” They are now stating unequivocally: Trump can’t win in November. I don’t believe that and never have. From the jump, I believed it when Trump said he hadn’t even started in on Hillary. That is a long time coming, my friends.

Fact is, Hillary Clinton hasn’t been called out on anything over the past 25 years, really. She hasn’t been challenged by the leftist press, by Republicans, or anyone on her laundry list of lies, transgressions, and criminal behavior.

Not to mention what a lousy mom she is. That’s right; Chelsea may very well be a nice young woman now with a family of her own — but what kind of mom allows her very young daughter to be publicly humiliated by some horny, fat, redneck husband who’s busy being serviced under the Oval Office desk by an intern hardly older than Chelsea herself?

Time and time again, Hillary has chosen her own political aspirations by opting to ski in Bill Clinton’s considerable wake and forsake her own daughter’s self-worth. Choosing this degradation for herself is one thing, but what kind of mother then drags her daughter straight into the middle of an international shake-down, influence-peddling, mafia-like scam known as “The Clinton Foundation”?

She’s a lousy, lying, conniving phony and dead-beat mom for not leaving “BJ” Clinton when he first began soiling anything that walked upright. Hillary stood by for decades at every turn through the serial philandering plus credible rape and multiple sexual assault charges by a surplus of alleged victims.

Did she enable Bill’s sexual conquests — as Trump says? Are you kidding? She has more assists than Steve Nash! And who in the media has ever made her squirm? Ever?

That joke of a hearing in the Senate where pansy-ass Republicans couldn’t bring themselves to convict an impeached Bill Clinton? Did they ever hold her feet to the fire in that episode or anything else? They all but ignored her appropriating of confidential FBI files, secret meetings to take over the health-care system, Whitewater, Travelgate — even her incredible run at the cattle futures table. Walking away, whistling…

Oh, okay — that was the ’90s, so it doesn’t count, right? How about our current press and contemporary GOP? Excepting a few softball headlines and occasional hand-wringing, they’ve given her every break in the book on Benghazi, her illegal email server, and the constant Clinton Foundation scandals rearing their heads almost daily.

Except now there’s Trump. Yeah, I’m looking forward to Donald “starting in on her” — without regard to her being a woman — and you should be, too. Tell me you don’t secretly desire a Trump-Hillary cage match? (cue fuzzy music with dissolve to Presidential Debate…)

Trump to Hillary:

“Why did you tell the father of SEAL Tyrone Woods that you were going to get the guy who made the YouTube video, when you knew damn well Benghazi had nothing to do with a video?” And before she can even begin to lie: “Why did you destroy your hard drives and emails?” “If you’re such a crusader for women, why did you try and destroy those women who your own husband attacked and molested?”

And what can Hillary attack Trump with? He’s a successful business owner who has actually hired tens of thousands of people in the private sector? He wants a wall built to keep out illegal aliens, drugs, crime, and terrorists? Oh, and here’s a shocker: Donald Trump is a rich and powerful billionaire who has enjoyed the company of beautiful women throughout his life?

Go for it, Hillary; see what it gets you.

My fantasies of watching both Clintons finally getting their comeuppance by Donald J. Trump is not, however, the reason you need to get on this train. It’s not the border, the IRS, spending, growth, unemployment, or anything else: It’s the Supreme Court.

Already with one vacancy, there could be two, three — who knows how many liberal hacks the Republican establishment could quickly rubber stamp for President Hillary? Wait — you say the GOP will stand up to her? Say what?

Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House — did you forget that? Remember how hard he fought Obama and the Dems on the jobs-killing, free-spending, tax-raising (I’m sorry, “fees”), military pension-cutting Ryan-Murray Budget Act?

The deal which had all the spending up front and all the “cuts” ten years down the road so they could easily be ignored by the next budget? The budget that fully funded ObamaCare through 2016 — after the election? That’s the guy who’s going to stand up to Hillary? What are you, high?

And over in the Senate, there’s our fearless Constitutional Conservative leader Mitch McConnell, ready to declare defeat well in advance of any confrontation with any Democrat on any subject. These establishment RINOs would rather have Hillary in office than Donald Trump. Trust me.

How do you feel about the Second Amendment? Do you believe, as I do, it’s there to protect our other Bill of Right freedoms from being taken away by leftist tyrants? Then you’d better get on the Trump Train now, because your right to own a gun is in deep peril should Hillary Clinton become president.

A little background: In the 2008 landmark Supreme Court case of District of Columbia v. Heller, the court held (5-4) that the Second Amendment to the Constitution applies to federal enclaves and protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally lawful use.

Did I mention the decision was 5-4?

Now that Justice Scalia has passed on and any number of justices voting in the majority may be replaced, how do you think that same case or something like it would go next year? Think the GOP would stop another militant, radical Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed? A dyed-in-the-wool leftist who will vote that speech codes are Constitutional, Christianity is unlawful, and the States have no Rights which run contrary to what Hillary’s federal government dictates?

You don’t believe Hillary will be literally coming for your gun? Think again and start beating the drum for Trump. And join the NRA —  I don’t care if you have a gun or not, if the SHTF, you’re going to want one. Or you’re going to want me to have one so I can protect your sorry ass.

And another thing: You holier-than-thou perfect Christians who are thinking about staying home as you did in 2012 — or worse, ginning up support for a third-party candidate who will cause a landslide for Hillary? You’d better get off your high horse and think about the consequences. I’m sick of listening to you drone on and on about how God doesn’t want Donald Trump to lead America out of this repulsive wilderness.

I have some bad news for you all who seek to enable Hillary by not backing Trump on religious grounds. Listen up:

A Hillary Supreme Court pick will proceed to vote in lockstep with Ruth Bader Ginsburg (when Ms. Ginsburg isn’t doing something important like napping, that is) and your personal ideas about religion and Christianity will be moot, friendo. Gone when Hillary’s Court deems your faith to be a hate crime, buddy. So shut up with your NeverTrump and think about your future NeverChurch for a minute.

And finally: Do you look forward to that magical day when you’re finally done with this president and the destruction he’s caused to the very fabric of this country? How would you like an anti-American like Barack Hussein Obama on the Supreme Court? For life? Voting that Sharia Law is A-okay within our borders and eliminating our borders thereafter?

You really don’t think it’s possible a deal with Hillary for his support in exchange for a Supreme Court seat can’t be struck? You’d better get your mind right and get behind Trump winning this election, pal. Now.

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