Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Slams Hillary Clinton For Snubbing Widows of Cops Murdered By BLM Supporters

CINCINNATI, OH - Democratic Presumptive Nominee for President former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), speak to campaign volunteers at a 'get out the vote' event at University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio on Monday, July 18, 2016. (Photo by Melina Mara/The Washington Post via …
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The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) condemned Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for deliberately ignoring the widows and families of police officers murdered in the line of duty — heavily implying that those executed were victims of domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter.

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and others are scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

“President John McNesby and the membership of Philadelphia Lodge 5 FOP are shocked and saddened by the planned choice of speakers at the upcoming DNC in Philadelphia,” the letter reads:

The Fraternal Order of Police is insulted and will not soon forget that the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton are excluding the widows, and other family members of Police Officers killed in the line of duty who were victims of explicit, and not implied racism, and “being on duty in blue.”

It is sad that to win an election Mrs. Clinton must pander to the interests of people who do not know all the facts, while the men and women they seek to destroy are outside protecting the political institutions of this country.

Mrs. Clinton, you should be ashamed of yourself if that is possible.

Black Lives Matter has repeatedly, publicly agitated for police murders and its supporters light up Twitter with gleeful hate directed at dead cops after every massacre. The Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police’s stinging rebuke comes in response to Clinton’s unite-the-fringes strategy that aims to channel the anti-racism, anti-cop frenzy into votes for Democrats.

Clinton is hoping historic black turnout can send her to the White House. The specter of racism, combined with the mainstream media’s wall-to-wall coverage of police shootings and Obama’s “stigmatize-and-federalize” campaign against local law enforcement, may override black voters’ economic concerns in an era of suppressed wages. Longtime Clinton ally Virginia Terry McAuliffe has also worked to boost black turnout by restoring all Virginia felons’ voting rights in one sweeping executive order — as many as one in five felons in Virginia are black.

The anti-cop campaign carried out by the media and Democrats has bloody consequences: Black militants murdered five police officers in Dallas and three in Baton Rogue in July, wounding twelve more — not counting the multiple cop executions carried out since the Ferguson riots in 2014. Murder rates have spiked in major U.S. cities as police leave the force and withdraw from troubled neighborhoods in order to avoid a media firestorm.

Yet Clinton has largely ignored devastated law enforcement families while lecturing Americans that their alleged racism is responsible for police shootings.


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