Roger Stone: Everything You Need to Know About Donald Trump and Khizr Khan


Now that John McCain has once again jumped on the bandwagon of the establishment politicians dishonestly attacking Trump, the mainstream media will get to write pieces that say “EVEN Republican John McCain said…”, as if someone the McCain imprint equals truth.

I wish this were as simple as it being another case of Sen. McCain being a headline hog who courts controversy in order to get his name in print, but what is clear when you look at the facts is that Saudi Arabian connections come up everywhere in this Khan job meant to besmirch the reputation of the ONLY candidate running for President who is an ally of the U.S. Military.

There a few salient points that must be made, all laid out so plainly that even the mainstream media can grasp them.

Capt. Kahn’s death at the hands of Muslim terrorists twelve years ago was tragic, but Donald Trump bears absolutely no responsibility for that death. That occurred in a war that Mr. Trump actively opposed. The Khan family’s appearance at the Democratic National Convention was about launching an unfair and unwarranted attack on Donald Trump that deliberately misstated Trump’s policies and personal beliefs.

The military service of the Khans’ son does not give the Khans immunity from fact checking about statements they made in their partisan support of Hillary Clinton. Specifically: Mr. Khan asked about Mr. Trump’s “sacrifice” without posing a similar question about Secretary Hillary Clinton — where was HER sacrifice?

Mr. Khan also misrepresented Trump’s proposal for a temporary ban on Muslims, which was a response to the Syrian refugee crisis that was created by President Obama and Sec. Clinton’s policies. It has been established that terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda are using the Syrian humanitarian crisis to bring terrorists to the West — risking the lives of innocent people all over the world, including Muslims. Mr. Kahn’s claims to the contrary, nothing proposed by Mr. Trump in his current presidential run affects Kahn or any patriotic American Muslim.

The President has full legal authority to block any group or person from entering the country for whatever time period he see fit. The immigrants wishing to come here are not U.S. Citizens and have no U.S. Constitutional rights. There are no constitutional issues regarding Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim immigrants — yet Khan attacks Trump for not reading the Constitution.

Despite his reverence for the U.S. Constitution, Mr. Khan  has not questioned the constitutionality of the Iraq War — which Hillary supported and his son died in.

By using Mr. Khan as surrogate, Hillary Clinton has attempted to hide behind her own abysmal record as both Secretary of State and a U.S. Senator.  Not only has Hillary Clinton not made the sacrifices that Mr. Khan has talked about, but she has actually profited from her public service. It’s shameful to Capt. Kahn’s memory.

For far too long, Saudi Arabia has been funding terrorism without consequences and has been actively involved in the American political process, funding people on both sides of the aisle — like Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

One of Hillary Clinton’s top financial backers is the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from whom Clinton has received millions of dollars. As the book and film Clinton Cash show, Bill and Hillary Clinton have received between $10-25 Million dollars from the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. The Clintons have gladly taken this money from Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that Clinton herself admitted in a 2009 memo exposed by WikiLeaks that the Saudis were funding terrorism. The Saudi funding of terrorism was also highlighted in the recently released “28 pages” about the 9/11 attack that occurred while Clinton was the senator from New York State. Hillary Clinton has refused to comment on the 28 Pages.

Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin was raised in Saudi Arabia and worked for a publication sponsored by the Muslim World League, the specific organization that Clinton herself said was funding terror in the 2009 memo published by WikiLeaks.

Now we have Sen. John McCain — with a nonprofit bearing his name taking $1 million from Saudi Arabia — springing to the defense of Mr. Kahn, just as he sprang to the defense of Huma Abedin when her security clearance was questioned.

Donald Trump has become the bane of two political dynasties connected personally and financial to the Saudi Arabians – the Bushes and the Clintons. Mr. Trump believes that we cannot effectively fight terrorism while being beholden to Saudi Arabia, the country that is funding and supporting it.

The Khan game has gone on long enough. Americans can see the truth: Donald Trump is running for President to protect Americans.

Meanwhile, the political establishment including Hillary Clinton and John McCain are running from the truth about their Saudi connections.


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