Paul Sperry: ‘28 Pages’ Are a ‘Smoking Gun’ Linking 9/11 Hijackers to Bush Family Friend

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The New York Post’s Paul Sperry discussed his analysis of the declassified “28 Pages” from the 9/11 report on Breitbart News Sunday with host Stephen K. Bannon. As the title of Sperry’s article puts it: “Yes, the Saudi Government Helped the 9/11 Terrorists.”

“It’s a smoking gun, because the linkages are so numerous, and strong, and reinforcing, that it’s hard to come away from reading all this material and not feel that there was a support network,” said Sperry.

He said the media is underplaying these revelations because “they haven’t bothered to read it, and they took the pre-release spin from the White House, and from the Saudis, and K Street, all the K Street lobbyists, and that’s what they went with, instead of actually investigating for themselves — which is typical of the lazy mainstream media.”

He recalled speaking with members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force who were familiar with the 28 Pages material, and reporting in 2013 about the assistance Saudi agent Omar al-Bayoumi, and other actors from Saudi operations in the United States, provided to 9/11 hijackers Khalid al-Mihdar and Nawaf al-Hazmi in San Diego.

“The takeaway that was shocking to me was the fact that we had Abu Zubaida having phone contacts, unlisted phone contacts, in his possession when he was captured in Pakistan after 9/11 — this is a senior al Qaeda operative — of the Aspen residence, the chalet, for Prince Bandar, Saudi Prince Bandar,” Sperry said. “This is an unlisted number, tied to a security company that no one even knew about, they weren’t even on the radar. It took two months for the FBI to even run this to ground, who the hell was this security company, and who did this phone number belong to.”

“Then we find out that a number of others had top al Qaeda people, people of interest with the hijackers had numbers for his bodyguard at his residence, his mansion in McLean, Virginia, and his drivers,” Sperry continued. “So here you have all these top al Qaeda people having very personal information in their possession, with the ambassador in Washington.”

Bannon observed that Bandar was more than just an ambassador, given close ties to the Bush family that earned him the nickname “Bandar Bush, the fourth Bush brother.” He suggested President George W. Bush would have been “run out of town” if these al Qaeda connections to Bandar had not been suppressed.

“This is a monstrous cover-up,” Sperry agreed. “The cover-up is actually more stomach-turning and nauseating than actually what happened, in terms of the foreign sponsorship of 9/11. Bush’s cover-up is corrosive on your soul. Can you imagine what the 9/11 families are going through right now, thinking that their president, their Commander-in-Chief betrayed them, and gave the enemy a pass?”

He allowed that the Bush Administration didn’t realize the Saudis were setting up an infrastructure to support a massive terrorist attack before 9/11, but “when they had enough circumstantial evidence, overwhelming evidence, there’s no question that they tried to suppress this.”

Sperry said a large part of the cover-up “has to do with the Bush family’s personal relationship with the Saudis, primarily Bandar and his wife Haifa, Princess Haifa, who Daddy Bush – they would go to each other’s parties, and they actually celebrated Barbara’s birthday party in Kennebunkport.”

“Bandar gave money to the Bush Library, down at A&M. I mean, they’re thick as thieves,” he said. “And so when Bandar told Bush the second night there, on the Truman balcony, when they’re smokin’ stogies after 9/11, and he asked him to evacuate all the Saudi VIPs, including the bin Ladens — at that point, the Commander-in-Chief knew that at least 15 of the hijackers were Saudi nationals, and Bandar says look, there’s nothing to it, I mean, we don’t know anything about this, there’s nothing more to this, it’s just a random coincidence. And Bush bought it, because he was a friend of the family, ‘Bandar Bush.’”   

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