North Dakota Mom Welcomes Newborn on Same Date Three Years in a Row


A North Dakota mother gave birth to her third child on the same date she gave birth to her previous two children in years past.

Lauren Stevenson of Dickson welcomed her third child into the world on September 1, the same date as her two other children in previous years, the Daily Mail reported.

“A healthy baby boy and the fact that he came on September 1, the doctors, the nurses, my husband and I – we just couldn’t believe it,” Stevenson told ABC News on Wednesday.

Henry Lee Stevenson was born to Lauren and Seth Stevenson in the early evening of September 1.

Henry shares a birthday with his one-year-old sister Tommie Lee and his two-year-old brother Axel Lee, ABC News reports.

Dr. William Lowe of CHI St. Alexius Health delivered all three babies and said it was a first for him to deliver three babies born on the same day over the past three years.

Stevenson said she plans to hold a big birthday party for the siblings next year after spending the past few years in the hospital giving birth.

“I think for their birthdays we can have one big party. If they can share together, we can do one big birthday cake,” Stevenson said. “If not, we’ll have to give them their own cake, and get them each their own present.”

A Virginia mother also gave birth to three children with the same birthday, beginning in 2013, the Daily Mail reports.


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