CBS Battleground Tracker: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Tied at 42 Percent

AP Photos / Andrew Harnik, Evan Vucci

The CBS News 2016 Battleground Tracker survey published Sunday reveals a tied race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with both candidates at 42 percent.

Clinton’s lead has steadily dropped as she’s down from a two point lead on Labor Day and a one point lead last week.

The poll revealed that 55 percent of battle ground voters would like to see “big changes” in politics and the economy, while 43 percent want “some changes.”

Forty-seven percent of voters believe Trump is trusted to change D.C., while 20 percent believe Clinton would do it.

Voters think Clinton can be trusted to handle the day-to-day job as president, 47 percent to 39 percent.

Forty-three percent of voters said they trust Clinton to act in a way as president that the United States can be proud of, while 34 percent said the same about Trump.

The poll also revealed what Clinton supporters think of Trump supporters and vice versa.

Sixty-eight percent of Clinton’s supporters say Trump’s supporters are “racially insensitive,” according to CBS. Seventy-six percent of voters supporting Clinton say Trump is “fooling” his supporters.

Seventy-three percent of voters who back Trump think Clinton supporters are “looking for special privileges” while 83 percent of Trump voters think Clinton is fooling her supporters.

The results are based on 4202 interviews via the internet with registered voters in Arizona, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin and Virginia.

It has a plus or minus 1.9 percent margin of error.


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