Trump Lays Out Plan to ‘Make America Wealthy Again’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally at the Henderson Pavilion on October 5, 2016 in Henderson, Nevada. Trump is campaigning ahead of the second presidential debate coming up on October 9 with Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump laid out a five point plan to revitalize the American economy as he proclaimed to a crowd gathered in Henderson, Nevada, “We are going to make America wealthy Again.”

“First, we are going to repeal and replace Obamacare,” said Trump. Fixing America’s trade deals, securing the nation, ending government corruption, fixing inner cities, and helping Latino Americans were also part of the “Make America Wealthy Again” plan’s outline.

“America needs a comeback. America needs a change. And that’s why I’m running,” said Trump.

“President Obama said if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. That was a lie. He promised his plan would reduce premiums by $2,500 dollars. Instead, they surged $5,000. Another lie,” said Trump.

Trump then hammered away at former President Bill Clinton’s statements this week on the failures of Obamacare:

Two days ago, Bill Clinton torched President Obama’s signature legislation. Remember, Hillary Clinton called Obamacare “one of the greatest accomplishments of President Obama, of the Democratic Party, and of our country.”

Bill has a different view. Here is what Bill said: He just said it’s a “crazy system,” and that “it’s the craziest thing in the world.”

Bill said, “people out there [are] busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, [and] wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half…the people getting killed in this deal are the small business people and the individuals who make just a bit too much money to get any of these subsidies.” Clinton added that it “doesn’t make any sense,” and that “the insurance model doesn’t work.”

On my first day in office, I am going to ask a Republican Congress to send me a bill to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare. There is only one way to stop Obamacare: to vote for Trump.

“I think that President Obama should apologize for Obamacare,” said Trump.

He continued to the next point on his plan, “Fixing our trade deals will be the foundation of our economic revival.”

“Every time we start making progress, china starts devaluing their currency,” said Trump. “Our politicians don’t get it.”

“Our jobs are being lost in massive numbers, and we are not making things in America anymore,” he said.

Trump detailed the economic trials that have faced the United States in recent decades:

When I am President, we will start making things in America again. Our nation has lost one-third of its manufacturing jobs since Bill Clinton’s NAFTA – a deal supported by Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s Korea deal also cost us another 100,000 jobs. Since China entered the World Trade Organization – another Bill and Hillary-backed deal – 70,000 factories have shut down or left the United States. That’s 15 factories closing a day, on average.”

He remarked on the results of factories leaving, “Stores close, schools suffer, the tax base erodes, wages fall and the quality of life declines.”

“We’ve rebuilt other countries at the expense of our own,” said Trump who said he will renegotiated NAFTA. “If we don’t get the deal we want, we will withdraw from NAFTA and start over to get a much better deal for our workers.” Trump said he will also stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership that former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called the “Gold Standard.”

American businesses will see lower taxes from 35 to 15 percent, according to Trump. Many small businesses will file as individuals and pay only 12 percent, he said of his plan, adding that he will fix the regulatory system. “Our regulations are a disaster,” they’re putting people out of business, he added.

Trump described that under his administration, “Our tax, trade, energy and regulatory reforms will help us reach 4% growth and create at least 25 million new jobs in a decade.”

“America will become the great jobs magnate of the world,” he said.

“To be a rich nation, we must also be a secure nation. Security begins at the border, you understand,” Trump said as he moved to the next point on his “Make America Wealthy Again” plan outline. “Any government that does not protect its own people is a government unworthy and unfit to lead,” he said.

As he has many times before, Trump listed by name and description a few of the many Americans who have been killed at the hands of illegal aliens: 21-yera-old Sarah Root, 21-year-old Grant Ronnebeck, young Kate Steinle, 90-year-old Earl Olander, 64-year-old Air Force veteran Marilyn Pharis, and 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw. He invited several “Angel” moms onto the stage to speak of their loved ones who have been killed.

The women attested strongly to Trump’s willingness to listen and act. Agnes Gibboney, whose family immigrated legally, lost her only son Ronald da Silva at the hands of an illegal alien. “Mr. Trump listens to us. We’ve had many meetings privately” and he listens, she said. Laura Wilkerson spoke of her son who was brutally murdered, tortured, and set on fire. “He cares about American families,” she said of Trump. “Mr. Trump seems the only one that gets the simplicity of this.”

Trump followed up saying, “All Americans living lawfully in this country, including millions of patriotic hardworking immigrants, are entitled to have their jobs, their wages, and their security protected. The borders around our nation are for the benefit of all people living here today – and when those borders are erased, it’s often the lawful immigrants already here who are the first to suffer lost jobs and decreased security.”

Trump said of illegal entrants to the U.S., “When I am president we are getting them out of our country.” He also spoke of many countries that refuse to take back their citizens from America and asserted that under a Hillary Clinton administration, she will accept that. But, he said, under his administration those countries will take back their citizens.

“At the same time, our country is being infiltrated by terrorists. Just two days ago, an immigrant from Bangladesh was charged in another ISIS plot. Hundreds of immigrants from high-risk regions have been implicated in terrorism inside the United States since 9/11,” said Trump who spoke of several very recent terror attacks in New York and New Jersey, a mall stabbing in Minnesota and a mall shooting in Washington State. He also listed other recent terror attacks. “The Boston Bombers were here on asylum. The San Bernardino Shooter was here on a fiancé visa from Saudi Arabia. The Orlando shooter was the son of a Taliban supporter from Afghanistan,” Trump said.

“We are also going to end the government corruption,” Trump continued to the next point on his economic plan. He referenced Clinton’s careless handling of classified information, the destruction of emails from the private server used to transmit that information, immunity deals for her staffers in the FBI’s investigation of the case, and side deals for the destruction of hardware. “Hillary Clinton is the ringleader of a criminal enterprise and the only way to deliver justice is to mail in your ballots.”

Coming to his final point, Trump said, “We are also going to fix our inner cities, and help Latino Americans.”

“Forty-five percent of African-American children under the age of six live in poverty. Fifty-eight percent of African-American youth don’t have jobs. More than 3,000 people have been shot in Chicago since the beginning of the year. Homicides are up nearly 50% in Washington, D.C. and more than 60% in Baltimore,” said Trump, who then pointed out “Democrats, like Hillary Clinton, have run the inner cities for 50 years, sixty years, seventy years or more. They’ve produced only more joblessness, failing schools, and rising crime.”

“To those African-Americans suffering in our country I say: What do you have to lose? Vote for Donald Trump. I will fix it,” said Trump. “I am also going to fight to help millions of Latinos trapped in poverty, and to help their children grow up in safety and peace.”

Trump said:

Here are some more amazing things we are going to do for our country starting in 2017: We are going to have the biggest tax cut since Ronald Reagan; eliminate every unnecessary regulation; end common core; repeal and replace job-killing Obamacare; make childcare affordable; save the 2nd amendment; support the men and women of law enforcement; rebuild our depleted military and take care of our vets; and appoint Justices to the Supreme Court who will uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

“A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for change and a vote for me is really a vote for you,” said Trump. “All together, we are going to Make America Wealthy Again. We Are Going To Make America Strong Again. We Are Going To Make America Safe Again.”

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