FBI Docs Show Only 12 of 14 Boxes of Hillary’s Emails Found, Whereabouts of Two Unknown

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FBI records reveal the shocking fact that thousands of Hillary Clinton emails disappeared — even after the Department of State was told of their existence — and to this day there is no accounting from Hillary’s staff for their disappearance.

Worse, at the time no one knew whether anyone at Hillary’s attorney’s office had the proper security clearance to even be in possession of or be allowed to store classified government material.

According to an FBI document, when the Department of State first began to work with Hillary Clinton to return the government property stored on her illegal private email server and to gather and catalog the up to 30,000 emails she hadn’t turned over to the government, the agency was told she had 14 boxes of printed emails ready for pickup. But when officials arrived to take possession of the boxes, two ended up missing and were never accounted for.

To make it that much harder for anyone to see what the emails contained, Hillary’s team printed out all the emails on paper instead of simply turning over the electronic data that could be efficiently key word searched. Lawyers often call this technique “burying” the enemy in an avalanche of documents, an act meant to make it harder for an opponent to find anything that can be used against them in court.

On page 88 of a document chronicling some of the evidence chain of the Hillary emails posted to the FBI Records Vault website, records indicate that Hillary’s legal team, Williams & Connolly, told State that 14 boxes of emails printed out on paper from Hillary’s server were ready to be picked up. But when State Dept. officials arrived they found 12 boxes, not 14.

The suspicious excerpt reads:

In December 2014, Williams & Connolly informed STATE they had fourteen boxes containing approximately thirty thousand e-mails. However, when STATE officials arrived to pick up the boxes, STATE only received twelve boxes. IC/IG had no information as to whether Williams & Connolly were authorized to store classified information of if KENDALL and TURNER held security clearances.

Note that at the time it was thought that neither David Kendall, Hillary Clinton’s personal attorney, nor Williams & Connolly law partner Katherine Turner had the proper security clearances to even be handling these sensitive emails.

Nearly a year after the Dept. of State picked up the twelve boxes of printed emails, the law firm claimed that both Kendall and Turner had been awarded security clearances in order to work with the email situation. But there was no such indication in December of 2014 when the emails were picked up.

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