Joe Biden Defends Hillary Clinton: ‘This Woman Has Been So Battered Over 30 Years’

Vice President Joe Biden speaks during North Triangle forum accompanied by from left, the Presidents of Honduras Juan Orlando Hern'ndez, Salvador S'nchez Cer'n of El Salvador and Jimmy Morales of Guatemala at Inter-American Development Bank headquarters in Washington, Friday, Sept. 23, 2016.
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Vice President Joe Biden is chiding Hillary Clinton’s decision to use a private email server while secretary of state, suggesting that she should have told the truth immediately instead of watching the story drag out for months.

The vice president asserted that Clinton was probably reluctant to be forthcoming about her decision because she had been critiqued by her Republican critics and the media her entire political life.

“This woman has been so battered over 30 years,” Biden said in an interview with CBS News. “I think then when faced with, ‘This is a problem,’ I think instead of just cutting it and dealing with it immediately, there’s always an inclination to overthink it.”

Biden argued that Clinton probably didn’t understand “the gravity” of using a private server exclusively while working for the Obama administration.

“…I don’t think she understood the gravity of setting it up,” he said. “She thought it was, ‘This is okay to do.’”


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