EXCLUSIVE — Sarah Palin: Michigan Finally Went Rogue

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images, Carlos Osorio/AP Photo

Flipping Michigan red is huge. It had been a blue state since 1988, so it was thrilling to see the numbers today. They deserve the best.

Michigan really can be the “Comeback State.” I told people at my recent rallies there that they are blessed with every element of a perfectly positive storm that could, finally, rev up their state’s economy like they deserve: the natural resources, the industrial infrastructure, and most importantly the manpower and work ethic. And now, finally, Michigan has chosen a pro-private sector presidential candidate who knows how to create jobs.

I’ve felt this way about Michigan for many years, including in 2008 when the McCain/Palin campaign staffers shocked us with unexpected news that the campaign was pulling out of the Great Lakes State.

I remember my jaw dropped when I was asked on the air what I thought about us “giving up” on Michigan. I believe it was FOX News’ “Campaign Carl” Cameron who caught me like a Michigan deer in the headlights, asking me that question. The campaign had forgotten to give me the memo evidently.

I remember candidly responding something like, “What? We’re not going to Michigan? Why? Every vote counts!” It was a rotten decision to bail on Michigan.

That night our small “JV Team” (they called the VP campaign the “B Team” or “JV’ers”) had a better idea than that A-Team, which seemed to be giving up on not only Michigan but the entire campaign at that point.

The campaign was just going to land at a hotel on the road anyway that night, so we decided we’d rent a car and zip to Michigan instead of sleeping. We’d campaign there on our own and show Michigan some love and respect, then zip back to make it in time for our next rally. We’d ask for forgiveness later.

I figured the A-Team would never be the wiser because some of them didn’t know what their own plans looked like, much less what a good plan looked like.

Somebody leaked our plan, then someone told someone else at “headquarters” (we ask each other still today where “headquarters” was) that whomever was driving the rental car would be arrested if we “went rogue” and drove over the state border, and that I’d better never think of “going rogue” again. What a day. It pretty much changed my life.

The whole Michigan experience empowered many of us because we knew that to disrespect a state in our union — when professional politicos had nothing better planned anyway that night — was disrespecting the hardworking patriots who weren’t asking much of their government; they just wanted opportunity to work.

After that day the “she’s going rogue” mantra stuck, especially every time I spoke candidly and ignored the TelePrompTer. I wrote the bestseller Going Rogue with Michigan as an inspiration.

So, watching those Trump numbers come in from Michigan — knowing it was a key state to flip for victory and, more importantly, knowing that Michigan deserves her turn at prosperity again — was an answer to prayer.

Those Michigan Independents, Republicans and good Reagan Democrats, who know the political status quo has to go, put their faith in the GOP ticket. They’re putting faith in those they elect to not jump off the planks in the America First platform. They cannot be let down again.

The whole nation is pulling for the once robust industrial cities like Detroit. We want to buy American-made everything. And once government gets off our back and gets back on our side, we can do it.

At a recent Trump rally in Michigan, I told the crowd that Hillary’s decision to play the woman card wouldn’t work in Michigan. Voting her the first woman president wasn’t going to happen, not because of sexism, but because she’s out of touch. She admitted that she hasn’t driven a vehicle in decades.

I said, “I want the first woman president to be connected to the people and to at least have driven a car lately. Heck, better yet — I want our first woman president to drive a truck. Made in Detroit!”


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