The Hill: Tulsi Gabbard Is the Best Pick for Secretary of State, Not Mitt Romney

Tulsi Gabbard for Bernie Sanders (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)
Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News

Maxwell Anderson makes the case at The Hill why Donald Trump should reach across the aisle and appoint Democrat Tulsi Gabbard as secretary of state:

Whoever the President-Elect taps to be his secretary of state will play a crucial role in shaping the President-Elect’s vision for the future of American foreign policy. One person reportedly “under serious consideration” to fill the position is United States Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who made headlines in February when she resigned as vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee in order to endorse Bernie Sanders for President.

Rep. Gabbard embodies the very essence of the President-Elect’s ideological departure from the interventionist policies that have plagued this nation for the past two decades. One need look no further than her June 17 interview with Wolf Blitzer for evidence of her commitment to breaking with the current orthodoxy.

When Blitzer asked Rep. Gabbard if she was endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, she replied, “I am not prepared to do that. There are a lot of things that I’m looking at, in particular this issue that she has not moved on at all in this campaign, which is this commitment to continue this interventionist regime change policy in Syria that’s proving to be so disastrous.”

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