Donald Trump Welcomes Attorney General Jeff Sessions: ‘A New Era of Justice Begins’

President Donald Trump watches as Vice President Mike Pence administers the oath of office to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, accompanied by his wife Mary, Thursday, Feb. 9, 2017, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

President Donald Trump praised Attorney General Jeff Sessions, bringing him into the Oval Office to celebrate his confirmation.

“He’s devoted his life to the cause of justice and believes deeply that all people are equals in the eyes of the law … also in the eyes of God,” Trump told White House reporters in the Oval Office.

Trump cited the challenges faced by the country, including rising crime, terrorism, and illegal drugs.

“These dangerous times require a determined Attorney General, which is what Jeff is,” he said. “Jeff understands that the job of Attorney General is to serve and protect the people of the United States and that is exactly what he will do and do better than anyone else can.”

After Vice President Mike Pence administered the oath of office to Sessions, Trump signed three executive actions to increase security across the country.

The first would call for a plan to ”break the back of the criminal cartels,” the second would create a Department of Justice task force on reducing violent crime, and the third would direct the Department of Justice to implement a plan to stop crimes against law enforcement officers.

“A new era of justice begins, and it begins right now,” Trump said.

Sessions said he would continue to support law enforcement officers and work together with them to help reduce crime and enforce immigration laws.

“We need a lawful system of immigration,” he said. “That’s not wrong, that’s not immoral, that’s not indecent.”



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