Exclusive: Great America Alliance Launches National Ad Campaign in Support of Judge Gorsuch

Great America Alliance / Youtube / Screenshot

The advocacy group, the Great America Alliance, is launching a national ad campaign targeting key senators in support of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

Different versions of the ad will be released. “Deserve” — as seen below — will target Senators from more conservative states like Tester in Montana and Donnelly in Indiana. Another version — “No Games”– is aimed at more moderate senators and states including McCaskill in Missouri, Stabenow in Michigan, Casey in Pennsylvania, Nelson in Florida, Baldwin in Wisconsin, and Heitkamp in North Dakota.

Other states will get a national ad using Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and the ads will also be sent to GAA’s database of 30 million individual records built during the 2016 campaign. That distribution will also be state-based by ad version.

Said Eric Beach, Co-Chair Great America Alliance, “A truly effective outside advocacy group assesses the political climate and discerns where they are most needed. Our recently released ads demonstrate that’s exactly what Great America Alliance is doing. We constantly monitor messaging and developments then mirror White House advocacy efforts. We do this better than anyone and no one is more effective or more committed to advancing the President’s agenda.”

GAA prides itself on working independently to ensure that it’s messaging is in sync with the White House.

For example, the White House sent out an email on the afternoon of March 5 with the subject line, “Believe, once more, in America” from the President’s address to Congress. Three days later, GAA released new “Promises” TV and radio ads featuring broken promises of past presidents while highlighting Trump’s stated commitment to keeping his. The ad featured the “Believe, once more, in America” video from the President’s speech.

Three hours later, the White House sent out an email mentioning the broken promises of Obamacare and highlighting Trump’s promise to repeal and replace it.

Similarly, GAA released a new “No Games” TV ad supporting Judge Gorsuch confirmation and four hours later the White House send out an email with the subject line “Praise for Judge Neil Gorsuch” touting his strong credentials. Now, GAA is set to release a second ad titled “Deserve” in support of Judge Gorsuch the very next day.


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