Pro-Life Millennial to GOP: ‘Defund Planned Parenthood…No Matter How You Have to Do It’

Students for Life

In a video message, Kristan Hawkins, who heads the largest millennial pro-life organization in the United States, tells Republicans they are expected to keep their promise to defund Planned Parenthood – “no matter how you have to do it.”

The president of Students for Life of America recorded her message following the cancellation of the vote on the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which contained a provision that would eliminate Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer funding and redirect it to other federally qualified healthcare centers that do not provide abortions.

Hawkins tells the GOP:

The election wasn’t easy, and honestly, many millennials still have a lot of questions about your plan for the future of our nation. However, the majority of us agree with you that abortion is wrong and taxpayers should never be forced to fund the killing of innocent human life. You promised to defund Planned Parenthood. They’re our nation’s largest abortion vendor. And we plan to hold you to that. No matter how you have to do it.

“We expect you to stand up to their lobbyists, which are all federally funded from Planned Parenthood. In every bill,” Hawkins asserts. “And redirect those funds to the thousands of federally qualified community health care clinics that do so much more across our nation. Don’t betray us. Keep your promise.”


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