Claim: Sheriff’s Association Opposes Constitutional Carry Because They Make Money Off Permits

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A reporter with claims an Alabama Sheriff’s Association internal email shows the group opposes constitutional carry because the sheriffs make money issuing permits.

The opposition is to State Senator Gerald Allen’s (R-Tuscaloosa) SB 524 — a bill which would eliminate the need for law-abiding state residents to acquire a permit before carrying a gun for self-defense.

According to‘s Cameron Smith, “SB24 pits the NRA, which supports the measure, against the Alabama Sheriff’s Association opposing it.” And while some sheriffs have argued that preserving the permitting process could maintain a higher degree of “safety for law enforcement,” an internal Sheriff’s Association email allegedly indicates the incentive for opposing permitless carry could come down to money.

Smith writes, “An email from [Alabama Sheriff’s Association Executive Director Bobby Timmons] called on sheriffs to contact their legislators ‘if you value your permit fund.'” He claims that Timmons “specifically warned against a compromise that would clearly benefit Alabama’s gun owners” and told fellow sheriffs that the NRA will follow the current legislative push with another that will reduce costs for those who still choose to get a carry permit. Smith also indicated Timmons pointed out that the reduction could mean a “one cost… statewide permit fee… if any fee at all!”

The NRA responded to Smith’s report by tweeting, “Wow. Internal Sheriff’s Association email shows that money drives pistol permit law.”

Concealed carry permit requirements have already been done away in two states this year — New Hampshire and North Dakota. There are ten other states which also require no permit: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Vermont, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

Gun Owners of America also counts Arkansas and Montana as permitless carry because 99.4 percent of both states allow concealed carry without a permit.

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