Permitless Carry

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12 States Where the Second Amendment is Your Carry Permit

While our nation’s overall concealed carry landscape is a patchwork of frustrating laws many Americans struggle to navigate, it is heartening to know that 12 states makes things easy by allowing law-abiding residents to carry guns without any bureaucratic interference.


GOP Lawmakers Introduce Permitless Carry for Wisconsin

On Tuesday Representative Mary Felzkowski (R-Irma) and Senator Dave Craig (R-Town of Vernon) introduced legislation that would remove the requirement for a permit to carry concealed in Wisconsin.

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Missouri Rings In New Year by Eliminating Concealed Carry Permit Requirement

While states like California placed new regulations on the backs of law-abiding gun owners on January 1, 2017, Missouri went a different direction and removed the burdensome demand that residents obtain a concealed carry permit before keeping a gun on their person for self-defense.

A gun instructor teaches a class to obtain a concealed gun carry permit

South Dakota Weighs Becoming 13th Permitless Carry State

South Dakota lawmakers will soon be considering permitless carry legislation, which gives them the opportunity to make their state the 13th to require no permit to carry a handgun for self-defense.