Poetry Action Network Mobilizes Against Campus Carry in Georgia

George Mason college student carries a gun on campus
Melissa Golden/AP Photo

The Poetry Action Network is mobilizing against campus carry in Georgia, asking others to join its efforts to dissuade Gov. Nathan Deal (R) from signing the legislation into law.

Georgia lawmakers passed campus carry last week, sending it to Deal’s desk for a signature. Lawmakers passed similar legislation in 2016, at Deal’s urging, only to watch him do an about-face under pressure from Bloomberg gun control groups and veto the bill. The veto was widely believed to be based on the lack of an exemption for on-campus daycare facilities, so this year’s bill has such an exemption.

Tthe Poetry Action Network is fighting to persuade Deal not to sign legislation allowing law-abiding students to carry guns for self-defense. Flagpole reports that the Poetry Action Network, led by “Magdalena Zurawaski, Laura Solomon and Jenny Gropp,” is asking others to join in by downloading a sign emblazoned with a gun, taking a photo with the sign, and emailing the photo to the Poetry Action Network so the group can “Twitter bomb” Deal.

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