Man Sentenced to the Death Penalty for Killing 4 People 11 Days After He’s Released from Jail

Nikko Jenkins AP

A man who killed four people in a shooting rampage in Nebraska just 11 days after he was released from jail was sentenced to the death penalty Tuesday.

Nikko Jenkins, 30, sat with an emotionless expression on his face as the judge handed down his death penalty sentence in connection with the four shooting deaths that took place August 2013 in Omaha, the Daily Mail reported.

KETV reports that Jenkins was sentenced to 500 years in prison on top of his four death sentences.

Jenkins was convicted of using a shotgun to kill Juan Uribe-Pena and Jorge Cajiga-Ruizon, killing prison acquaintance Curtis Bradford with the help of his sister, and shooting Andrea Kruger four times in her SUV before he drove off with it.

Jenkins, referred to as a “psychopath” by one prison psychiatrist, had a habit of tattooing and inflicting wounds upon himself in prison as a way to appease an Egyptian serpent god.

Jenkins inflicted a wound shaped like a snake into his tongue and smeared his cell with the blood from the wound. He also cut his penis and carved the numbers “666” into his forehead in 2015, but the numbers came out backwards because he used a mirror.

A defense psychiatrist representing Jenkins said he suffers from schizophrenia and possibly bipolar disorder. His defense lawyers say his self-inflicted wounds are evidence that his mental state is in a state of decline.

State psychiatrists argue that he is faking psychotic behavior.

Jenkins pleaded no contest back in 2014 to the murder charges but was not sentenced until Tuesday because of questions about his mental state.

Ultimately, the court found Jenkins competent enough to stand trial and represent himself for the majority of the trial.

He is the first recipient of the death penalty in Nebraska since voters reinstated it in 2016.


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