Trump Accused of ‘Environmental Racism’ in Withdrawal from Paris Agreement

Climate Change

In a logic-defying leap of reason, a several journals and news outlets have accused Donald Trump of “environmental racism” by pulling the United States out of the Paris climate accord.

As Breitbart News reported earlier, President Trump has already been blamed for a “war on the environment” tantamount to genocide. Now, his critics have upped the ante, projecting a nefarious racial tone onto the President’s decision.

Essence magazine said that Donald Trump had continued “his war on people of color in America” when he announced the United States would withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord.

Blavity, a website that caters to people of color, said that Trump’s decision “will worsen environmental racism,” insisting that climate change is “inherently a black issue and not just a ‘human issue.’”

The Atlantic went so far as to suggest that environmental racism is “the new Jim Crow,” referring to laws that segregated blacks and whites in their use of public schools, public places, transportation, restrooms and restaurants.

Since it may not be evident to readers how a refusal to bind America to a certain level of carbon dioxide emissions constitutes racism, these same outlets have helpfully connected the dots, explaining how neglect of environmental concerns is an attack on blacks.

“If Climate Change persist (sic), and the world’s average temperature rises more than two degrees Celsius,” Blavity writer Dominic A. Williams contends, “it would mean widespread extinctions, changing weather patterns, droughts, strong storms, rising sea levels and consequently the disappearance of coastal cities, and a plethora of not yet realized consequences.”

These man-made disasters, Williams insists, will disproportionately affect people of color.

Environmental Racism, he writes, “can be described as a lack of access to healthy environments and disproportionate exposure to pollutants. This means that predominantly black neighborhoods are more likely to suffer from polluted air and water than white neighborhoods.”

As Breitbart News noted earlier this week, the Paris climate accord has nothing whatsoever to do with “polluted air and water” and only seeks to regulate the emissions of carbon dioxide, a colorless, odorless, non-toxic gas that is a part of a healthy environment.

Be that as it may, Williams eventually gets to the real bone of contention.

“In addition to causing health crisis,” he argues, “Climate Change will cause meteorological disasters that will decimate vulnerable black neighborhoods. The warming of Earth will cause super-storms, such as Hurricane Katrina, to occur quite regularly.”

“While climate change will affect everyone on this planet, marginalized groups will always be the ones who suffer the most,” he adds. “Environmental issues, for that reason, are inherently black issues.”

In the minds of Dominic A. Williams and other key critics of “environmental racism,” a person doesn’t need to have race in mind to be a racist. If one’s actions intentionally or unintentionally affect black people, they constitute racism.

The odd thing is, these same authors are silent about a national disaster that does affect blacks far more than whites, actually causing a disproportionate number of black deaths and the decimation of the black population. This is the legally sanctioned practice of abortion.

The rate of abortion among blacks is far higher than among whites, with 365 black babies aborted for every 1,000 that are born.

While blacks account for roughly 38% of all abortions in the country, they represent only 13 percent of the population, statistics that have led black Christian leaders to speak of a “black genocide” occurring at the hands of abortionists.

In New York City, for instance, in recent years there were more abortions among black women in the city than there were black babies born. Both nationally and in New York City, the abortion rates among black women are significantly higher than among any other demographic group.

Now that is something for people of color to get angry about.

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