Donald Trump to Religious Conservatives: ‘The Truth Will Prevail’

donald trump
AP/Patrick Semansky

President Donald Trump rallied conservative supporters at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, DC, sounding a note of defiance to his political enemies.

“We will not back down from doing what is right because as the Bible tells us, we know that the truth will prevail,” he said.

Trump began speaking at the conference as his former FBI director James Comey testified during a Senate hearing in Congress about his interactions with the president before he was fired.

“The entrenched interests and failed bitter voices in Washington will do everything in their power to try and stop us from this righteous cause,” he said, pointing out that enemies of his agenda would continue to “lie and obstruct” and “spread their hatred and prejudice.”

The president thanked everyone at the conference for their support, reminding them that he would fight for their interests.

“As you know, we are under siege. You understand that. But we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever, you watch,” he said as the audience applauded.
Trump sparked enthusiastic applause in the audience as he recited a series of accomplishments that he achieved during his short time as president, including his executive order on religious freedom and the installation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

“As long as I’m president, nobody is going to stop you from practicing your faith or from preaching what is in your heart,” he said.

During his speech Trump specifically noted the Little Sisters of the Poor, telling the audience that they finally won their case against the Obama administration.

“They were tough, don’t want to mess with the Little Sisters right?” he said.

At one point, Trump mentioned the media, prompting booing and chants of “Fake news!” in the crowd.

Trump described Democrats as “obstructionists” that were hurting his agenda in Congress, asking them to support Republicans running for congress in 2018.

“They have gone so far left trying to appease a certain group that they’ve made a horrible mistake,” he said.


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