Report: Florida Woman Allegedly Stole More Than $93,000 in City Funds to Pay for Brazilian Butt Lift

Report: Florida Woman Allegedly Stole More Than $93,000 in City Funds to Pay for Brazilian Butt Lift
Alachua County Jail

A woman who worked for the city of Gainesville, Florida, allegedly stole more than $93,000 in city funds and used the money to pay for a Brazilian butt lift as well as other purchases, according to a report.

An auditor’s report released Wednesday showed that Natwaina Clark, 33, stole $93,000 in public funds and used $8,500 of the stolen funds toward a Brazilian butt lift, the Gainesville Sun reported.

The report also found that Clark, a former city staff specialist, used her credit card issued by the city 136 times for $61,000 in unauthorized charges, charged her supervisors’ credit cards 36 times for $31,000, and charged $500 to a coworker’s card that she used five times.

Clark’s alleged misuse of city funds took place between November 2015 and March 2017.

The report also found that heads of city departments allowed the misuse of funds because of a lack of oversight over the charges.

An auditor for the city said that Gainesville’s parks department did not provide much oversight over the 15 months the purchases were made, making it easy for someone to steal the funds.

Documents show that Clark, whom the city hired in August 2015, transferred $41,000 to her personal PayPal account to have enough money to pay for the $8,500 cosmetic procedure.

Clark, whose yearly salary was $33,500, also spent thousands of dollars on her cable bill, television, and food purchases. She allegedly itemized her PayPal transactions using terms such as “decor,” “holiday banners,” and “storage bins.”

Clark reportedly told co-workers that she had a boyfriend that would purchase her things as a way to explain her extravagant lifestyle beyond her means.

The department did not notice the charges until they noticed they were over budget.

Clark was arrested March 28 and was booked on felony charges of larceny and scheme to defraud, WFLA reported.


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